10 Minute Mail is a popular online application for creating the temporary email ids. however, if you’ve already used the 10 Minute Mail or if you’re looking for alternatives for 10 Minute Mail, this article is for you.

Spammers are always on the prowl online, so it is wise to make use of a temporary email services if you’re not sure whether the online service you’re signing up for is real or spam.

You can go to 10 Minute Mail, get a disposable email ID, and use it to avoid sharing your real email addresses on the internet.

What is a 10 Minute Email?

A secure temporary email service like 10 Minute Mail gives a private email ID. Anyone can send an email to it for the next ten minutes, and you’ll be able to read the mail, click on the links and reply as well.

Here’s how you use the 10 minute email service –

  • Open your browser app (preferably Google Chrome)
  • Type “10minutemail.com” in the address bar or click on this link
  • Hit the Enter key
  • The site instantly displays your temporary email ID (for example – [email protected])
  • The webpage displays the 10-minute timer
  • Scroll down to view the Inbox (you’d find a test mail in it)
  • Click on the emails get opened in new tabs
  • Share & download small files them
  • Click on links to open webpages in new tabs
  • Click on Reply to respond to confirmation/validation emails

Do all this in less than 10 minutes. After the time’s up, this email ID and its contents are lost forever. The email ID is disposed off completely and you can’t retrieve it again.

If in case you want more than just a temporary email address, here are some best alternatives you can use instead of 10 Minute Mail service.

12 Best 10 Minute Mail Alternatives of 2019

Some websites offer more features with their temp email services. You can check out these best alternatives to 10 Minute Email for 2019, below.

1. Dispostable


This is most basic alternative to 10 minute mail. Dispostable ticks all the boxes expected from a temporary email service.

It generates a temp email ID and deletes it later. A single domain “@dispostable.com” is assigned to all email addresses created here.

You may not like the cooked-up IDs though. Some usernames may contain silly or made-up words (for example – [email protected]). It is always easy to get the job done on Dispostable.

Dispostable’s best feature – you can keep the temporary email ID for three days and check Inbox anytime in between

2. Mailinator


Mailinator is more popular than most of the alternatives listed here. In 2019, it stays a top 10 Minute Mail alternative for its trustworthy service. The corresponding website has a simple UI and convenient to personal emailing needs.

The inbox is easy to navigate and has an email suggestion feature, which makes it intuitive than the rest. Mailinator can help you set up email IDs in minutes.

It lets you use a single email ID for free. Only a registered user can get various inboxes, multiple temp email IDs, and more bonus features on Mailinator.

Malinator’s best feature – you get the best enterprise-level email addresses that come with testing options

3. Guerrrillamail


One of the oldest temporary email services is still popular as the best 10 Minute Mail alternative of 2019. Guerrilla Mail is running since 1990s and offers the best security and simplest interface for users.

It has cool domains to create fake email addresses (for e.g.; @sharklasers.com, @americandream.com, @risingstocks.com).

It offers a security like no other. You can even test its strength by giving out its disposable email address to a spammer or a hacker.

Guerrillamail’s best used for – card purchases and online shopping validations

4. MailDrop


MailDrop is a reliable disposable email service. It is a finest 10 Minute Mail alternative for all individuals. You can use this service for enterprise-level purposes and even as a general user.

MailDrop offers random as well as custom email IDs. You can use it multiple times, and also extend the preset lapse time. All emailing services provided by MailDrop are open-sourced and completely free to use.

You may not like the common domain “@maildrop.cc” used in all its addresses. But, the site is best used for securely decreasing spam on your personal email addresses.

Why MailDrop? You don’t need to register to this service for using temporary email IDs, bonus features and its advanced emailing options.

5. Fake Mail Generator

Fake Mail Generator

You’d find a complete email address generator in Fake Mail Generator. It accomplishes all goals set by a 10 Minute Email service. It takes less time to spin out dozens of temporary email IDs with this website.

Fake Mail Generator helps you –

  • create random email addresses with different and/or similar domains
  • change email IDs and get new ones with a simple click on ‘Dislike’ button
  • use the ‘Copy’ button to copy the address on clipboard

It is more of a tool than a service. There are more options for its inbox and it may take time for you to learn how to use Fake Mail Generator completely.

Best thing about Fake Mail Generator – The service is convenient when you want email addresses for filling up temporary online forms and subscriptions.

6. TempMail


You can try a reputed temporary email service called TempMail. It functions like a 10 Minute Mail, but does more than the basic features. You can create a reliable fake email ID. Later, you can change this email address with respect to domain or username.

There are easy-to-follow options on the left pane menu. Modifying your email ID’s domain extensions (for e.g., changing from .com to .net or .org). You can refresh the inbox and sent items are loaded quickly.

TempMail  is best for – creating email IDs to avoid getting spammed in online surveys

7. Bouncr


Some 10 Minute Mail alternatives stop you from sharing their IDs to any random site; Bouncr doesn’t. You can share a Bouncr temp email address to whomever you wish.

You can divert unwanted and spammed emails from your permanent email ID to a Bouncr address.

When you cancel the temporary address on Bouncr, all its contents are gone, along with the loads of spams and unwanted emails. Creating reliable email IDs is really easy with this service.

Bouncr’s coolest feature – you can create a fake email ID and hide your permanent address in it.

Mails sent to the Bouncr address get forwarded to your real email ID. Sender (possibly a spammer) doesn’t get to know your permanent email ID.

8. Air Mail

Air Mail


Airmail.com or Getairmail.com or getnada.com are all linked to one free temporary email service called Air Mail. It gives random email addresses that you can choose from.

However, you can create custom temporary email addresses on Air Mail. The service is preferred for its instant email delivery and reception.

There are vast AirMail server that process millions of emails sent to its disposable email IDs worldwide. Here, the online browser inbox stays updated at any point of time.

It’s best to use Air Mail when registering to new and amateur websites through temp email IDs.

9. ExpireBox


Here’s a simple email generator that creates temporary IDs for a day and deletes everything thereafter. You have minimum control over restoring the contents of ExpireBox email IDs.

Even still, this service doesn’t disappoint someone looking for instant email service.

You can create new emails once you get an item in your inbox. ExpireBox addresses are make signing-up for websites simple. You can register to blogs to view their content, post comments and even download a file.

The ExpireBox inbox is great at blocking spammers and keeps your browser safe.

Cool about ExpireBox – The email self-destruction time is 24 hours, which serves many purposes for a user.

10. YOPmail



A feature-rich service like YOPmail is equally instant and safe for individuals. You can trust the YOPmail addresses for all your temporary emailing needs.

The disposable email IDs from YOPmail are a safe bet for protecting your actual email IDs. You can forward the mails sent to YOPmail’s inbox to your permanent email addresses.

You don’t need to create a password to register at YOPmail. And, the messages are stored for a maximum of 8 consecutive days.

YOPmail addresses are best-used for testing untrusted services.

11. Spamgourmet


You can create a temp email ID on Spamgourmet. But, you need to choose between two options –

  • disposable email address
  • self-destructing email address

The difference is in their time constraints. A disposable email address on Spamgourmet gets deleted automatically after a stipulated period of time, which is set by you.

Self-destructing mails are cleared out after 10 minutes or the minimum lapse time.

Why Spamgourmet? – It is a reliable email service to stay protected from spamming and phishing.

12. Incognito Mail

Incognito Mail

The last best 10 Minute Mail alternative of 2019 is an online email registry. Incognito Mail creates and registers random email IDs on temporary basis. You can also create custom email IDs, registered at “@incognitomail.org”.

There’s enough space on Incognito Mail’s inbox to receive mails, download media and reply for confirmations.

Incognito Mail is best for running your own disposable temporary email service.

Which One Should I Go For?

For me, a trusted email service is more important that a feature –rich one. I have used TempMail and YOPmail, and was impressed.

MailDrop, Mailinator and other top alternatives are always flooded with users, so it takes time to receive emails here.

So, go for a disposable email service where servers aren’t overloaded. Also, you can sign-up or subscribe for premium temp email services to use additional features.

Share your pick with us in the comments below.

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