Your search for the best antivirus of 2018 is over. We’ve narrowed it down to two of the most lethal software that can protect your PC by all means.

Over the years, Avast and Bitdefender stepped up to protect Windows computers from all kinds of security threats. In 2018, you can choose from a variety of antivirus suites offered by Bitdefender and Avast.

So, before you make the choice, let’s find out which is the best antivirus of the two. Is it Avast or Bitdefender?

The Showdown – Avast vs. Bitdefender

When it comes to selecting security software for Windows operating systems, there are a lot of factors that one must consider.

Apart from offering the highest level of protection, your antivirus software should also care for the additional security needs of Windows users.

With the onset of disruptive technologies such as AI and cloud computing, 2018 reflects a rising level of security risks for Windows users.

Under no circumstances can an antivirus software compromise on security. At the same time, you should also review these programs on the basis

  • user interface
  • impact on the operating system
  • performance under critical conditions
  • risks of conflicts with other software
  • automated and precognitive scans
  • support options
  • automatic repairing
  • room for add-on features, plug-ins and customization
  • data backup & recovery

If you’re looking for complete antivirus software, Bitdefender and Avast are both comprehensive solutions. They take care of all these factors and offer top-notch protection.

Even so, we’ve compared these two security suites to scale their pros against their cons. In the Avast vs. Bitdefender comparison below, you’ll find out exactly which one is the best solution to fight malware on Windows computers.

Feature-wise, Avast is More Loaded

To start off, you should know the Bitdefender is essentially a freeware. Avast is a premium security product that offers cross-platform solutions.

In terms of features, Avast stands out for

  • scanning vulnerable networks
  • checking system settings to fix loopholes
  • password vault for all platforms
  • comprehensive email protection
  • in-depth home network inspection

You can use Avast on Windows and MacOS. The Avast Pro Antivirus further uses the Sandbox technology. It helps you identify potentially dangerous files on your virtual space. This way, you can keep safe distances from suspicious websites.

Avast also offers premium support to help you keep hackers at bay. With products like Avast Internet Security and Avast Premier, the DNS settings on your Windows computer are well-protected.

If you stack up the features of Bitdefender suites against Avast products, you’ll spot the let down. There’s no doubt that Bitdefender products come packed with feature to match Avast.

However, those features look basic in front of Avast’s premium offerings.

With Bitdefender suites, you get

  • scanner for checking downloads
  • removal tool to free your browsers from adware
  • encrypted passwords that knock down ransomware attacks
  • performance optimization for your windows systems
  • utility tools to protect all your devices

The extra stuff on Bitdefender also helps you secure your banking data. You can even opt to permanently delete files sensitive to malware infection.

Nonetheless, Avast products take the lead by offering premium features to Windows users. You can also notice how Avast software update keeps all apps on your Windows completely upgraded at all times.

Going Easy on CPU – Bitdefender is Lighter than Avast

Unfortunately, with more features comes high CPU usage. Avast certainly takes up more resources on your Windows PC than Bitdefender.

The best antivirus should provide superior security, without leaving your system all worked up.

Some users reportedly found Bitdefender relatively lighter than Avast. Products from both offer real-time protection. It means that one or more security processes are continuously running in the background on your Windows system.

Now, when you’re working on something, background Avast services can slightly take up more CPU. Meanwhile, the impact of Bitdefender on your system’s performance is less due to its bundled features.

A single Bitdefender service running in the background takes care of all common operations such as checking downloads, scanning newly-installed apps, verifying logins, etc.

Avast runs an independent process for each of its operations, leaning it marginally towards the heavy side.

Moreover, Bitdefender consumes less power than Avast. Laptop users can opt for the battery-saving Bitdefender products.

To sum up, the collateral system impact of Bitdefender is relatively less, which is good.

Both Offer Best-in-Class Protection

Performance-wise, there’s no debate. Both are best in offering comprehensive protection to your Windows PC.

Be it Avast or Bitdefender, you get excellent protection against all kinds of threats and malware. In fact, you’ll find several similar performance abilities and functions between the two.

It’s a tie in this category. If you scan an infected Windows computer with both, Avast and Bitdefender, the results are remarkably alike.

Avast is User-Friendly

If you prefer usability over performance, then Avast is surely a good pick for you. The easy-to-use interface is consistent across all Avast products.

Bitdefender is slightly plain and less-intuitive. When you navigate through features on Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, you may refrain yourself from digging further.

Avast products, on the other hand, understand the users better. You can easily re-configure Avast antivirus to fit your security needs. You can also fix files in a less-complicated and straightforward manner, with Avast.

Bitdefender fails to appeal to the users with its low-key interface, while Avast keeps you engaged. You’ll be enticed to run Avast security scans from time to time.

Bitdefender is Budget-Friendly

At this point, Avast is a step ahead from Bitdefender. But, you may change your mind after knowing how significantly in-expensive Bitdefender is.

All Bitdefender products are freeware. So, you’ll hardly spend anything; even for its add-ons and plug-ins.

Avast is pricey, to put it straight. You can always use the Avast Free Antivirus, but other products will cost you at least $50 a year (single user license).

Our Verdict

All in all, we believe Avast Antivirus trails behind Bitdefender’s security suites.

Bitdefender wins the debate by offering high-level protection, exclusivity to Windows, robust performance, and all that at an affordable price.

If you disagree, let us know why in the comments below.

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