PDF is a file format which stands for ‘Portable Document Format’. It is mainly used to save the documents in an uneditable format. Any PDF file may include text, fonts, graphics, annotations, and form fields.  

Unlike Microsoft document, you can’t just edit the PDF files. It requires special tools called PDF editors to edit the content in the PDF document.

Now, when it comes to PDF editors, there are a few limitations to it. Hardly any PDF editors allow you to edit, add texts, add your own graphics, fill forms or sign your name. And, on top of that, these PDF editors won’t let it all happen without their unwanted watermarks.

It is hard enough to search for free software for editing PDFs, but don’t worry. We have picked some great PDF editing tools in this post.

5 Top Best PDF Editors and Their Features

Following are the best free PDF editors that you can use for editing, separating and combining PDFs, without twitching your pockets for a premium tool.

Check out all of them and see which one suits best for your needs.

1. PDF-XChange Editor

PDF-XChange Editor

PDF-XChange is the perfect tool if you mainly want to edit the text in your PDF document. It enables you to reformat, retype or even delete the PDF content. You can add comments and withdraw pages.

PDF-XChange Editor uses the optical character recognition (OCR) to identify text in the scanned PDF documents.

Features of PDF-XChange Editor:

  • Efficient text editing
  • Separates and withdraws pages
  • Optical character recognition
  • Provides a portable version

Cons of PDF-XChanger

  • Most features are available only in the premium tool
  • Toolbar functions are also only available in the PDF-XChange Editor Plus
  • Works only with Windows

We suggest you use PDF-XChanger editor if you want to convert documents, add images, and encrypt them.

2. Sejda PDF Editor

Sejda PDF Editor

The best feature of Sejda is that no unwanted watermarks or advertisements are added to your edited PDF file. It also allows you to edit pre-existing text content in the PDF. You do not have to download the Sejda editor as this tool can run entirely on your web browser.

Another great feature of Sejda is that you can automatically open the document in the Sejda online editor through its web integration tool. The file will be automatically deleted after five hours.

Features of Sejda PDF Editor:

  • Sejda PDF editor works on Windows, Linux, and macOS
  • Allows you to put images into the PDF file
  • Can withdraw pages from the PDF
  • Supports and enables you to add hyperlinks
  • You can load PDFs from certain websites
  • Lets you add blank pages to your PDF

Cons of Sejda Editor

  • Has a limited usage of only three PDFs per hour
  • Unable to edit PDFs bigger than 50 MB
  • Only edits PDFs with lesser than 200 pages

We suggest you to download Sejda PDF editor to add links, sign documents, put ellipses and use the whiteout feature.

3. PDFescape Online PDF Editor

PDFescape Online PDF Editor

PDFescape is another feature-rich online PDF editor, which is totally free unless the PDF document you want to edit is more than 10 MB (100 pages). You can add text, links, form fields, and etc.

Although you can’t edit images or change text, the text tool is an excellent feature as it allows you to select your preferred size, font, alignment, and many more customizable edits.

PDFescape is popular for its additional features, such as sticky notes. You can even draw and put a white space on the content you don’t wish to display.

Features of PDFescape PDF editor:

  • Works on all the operating systems
  • Has a lot of customizable tools
  • Can add or delete PDF content pages
  • Can completely work on your web browser
  • You can attach your images or contents

Cons of PDFescape PDF editor:

  • Unable to edit existing text
  • Cannot update files exceeding 100 pages

This online editor is the best to add extra images or texts and get the edited copy without even facing the login process.

4. Smallpdf Online PDF Editor

Smallpdf Online PDF Editor

It is our favorite pick as it is the most efficient online editor to quickly add texts, shapes, images or your signature to your PDF file.

Smallpdf has the easiest PDF editing process where all you have to do is upload a PDF you wish to edit, make the changes and save it back on your PC. There is no need to make a user account or pinch your savings for anti-watermarking services.

It allows you to save your PDF file to your Google Drive account or your Dropbox. Although there are only three types of fonts available in the Smallpdf, you can change the color of any new text you add

Features of Smallpdf Online Editor:

  • This online editor is free
  • Able to load and save PDFs from many different sources
  • Works with all the Operating systems

Cons of Smallpdf Online Editor:

  • Unable to edit existing text on your PDF
  • Limitations of editing only two PDFs every hour

Smallpdf editor is one of our favorite picks from the top 5 best editors list as it provides a lot of essential features, making it an easier job for us writers and officials.

5. FormSwift’s Free PDF Editor

FormSwift's Free PDF Editor

FormSwift’s Free Editor is a very basic online editor which again doesn’t require making a user account. Just like Smallpdf editor, you have to directly upload your PDF file, and perform some necessary edits and save it back on your PC.

Another great feature of this editor is that you can upload documents and pictures to Formswift and edit those in the place of a PDF file.

Features of FormSwift’s Free PDF Editor:

  • No watermark
  • Works on all the operating systems
  • Simple drawing, typing and signing functions
  • Allows you to attach your images
  • Can add text to the PDF file

Cons of FormSwift’s Free PDF Editor:

  • Allows uploading PDF’s from your PC
  • Doesn’t edits existing texts

FormSwift’s Free PDF Editor is the best software application for you if you quickly want to edit your PDF or edit your Word documents and images by uploading them.

How to Switch from PDF to Other Formats?

At times, you might want to change your PDF file format to another file format. To do so, you might have to download a document converter to convert your PDF file into DOCX, TIF or any other related file.

Some of the best free document converters are- FileZigZag, Zamzar, Doxillion, and many more.

That’s it. These were our top picks for the best PDF editors. Do you know any other better PDF editor? Feel free to drop in your favorite PDF editor and let us know if you have any doubts or suggestions in the comments section. 

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