Searching for the best iPad gifts for your loved one or yourself? Your iPad is an all-rounder device which can shoot videos, play music, send emails, take pictures and perform all the internet functions.

But we all are living in the never-ending digital generation. We all love accessories from a primary protective cover to an attractive piece of a stylus. In this post, we’ve compiled twelve best Gift ideas and their prices. Let’s get started-

1. Apple Watch Bands

Apple Watch Bands

For those who are always upgraded with the latest Apple devices surely have an Apple watch in their collection. Apple Watch band is the perfect gift for this Christmas without having to twitch your pockets.

You can choose from various brands, styles, colors and pick the perfect one to suit your choices and pockets. Apple Watch Bands can cost from $7.99 to $350.

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2. AirPods


There is no replacement for this magnificent masterpiece of earphones. It is an excellent and useful gift for everyone from a corporate person to an athlete.

Listen to music while running, jumping, dancing or have an urgent conference call while on the move. It can do it all for you without having any tangled tires.

We suggest you choose this unique piece of AirPods either for yourself or for someone who is close to you as they cost for $159.

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3. Bluetooth Keyboard

Apple’s Magic Keyboard

Although iPad is loved amongst for its users for its stylish design and features, typing is a bit of challenge on tablets. You can make your iPad as your work buddy with this virtual wireless Bluetooth keyboard.

Apple’s Magic Keyboard is a perfect gift for your colleague, boss or your children to type and make documents and notes easily on their iPad without having to touch it. It can be carried anywhere with its durable aluminum material. The cost of this keyboard is around $99.

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4. Apple iTunes or Spotify Gift Cards

Apple iTunes or Spotify Gift Cards

Gift cards are one of the coolest things to gift to your friends. They can either use it to watch something or play music on their tablet.

Although Apple iTunes has the best collection of music, Spotify has its set unique features. You can buy these from Amazon, and they are available in $25, $50 and $100 vouchers.

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5. iPad Air Cover

apple ipad

iPad covers need to have an ideal design to protect your device have a lightweight and also have excellent material to keep your iPads safe. iPad Air Cover is the perfect smart cover that has all the aspect you need for your iPad.

You can also fold the cover and make it a stand for your iPad. It has a strong magnet for a better hold and is made up of polyurethane

You can use Apple MGTM2ZM/A Smart Cover for both iPad Air and the all-new iPad Air 2. The cost of this smart cover is $32.51.

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6. Portable Battery

Portable Battery

When it comes to charging your iOS devices with portable batteries, Anker can replenish your batteries from 0% to 60%-70%. iPad has so many features that you keep exploring them, and the battery might drain.

Gifting a portable battery to your friend will surely love this practical gift as they won’t have to search for charging slots. We suggest you buy the Anker Astro3 which works with USB lightning cable or a basic USB- micro-USB cable. The cost of Anker Astro3 is $45.

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7. Capacitive Stylus

Capacitive Stylus

Capacitive Stylus works well the capacitive touchscreen. Although, touchscreens are smooth to use but can transfer all the dirt or oil of your hand to your screen.

It also becomes a little difficult for you to navigate to a proper place sometimes. A Stylus is a special gift as they make your work way too smooth and accurate.

A stylus is available in different designs and ranges from $10 to $100. If you are searching for a premium pen for your iPad Pro, go for Apple pencil which works the best for your device. The first generation costs for $94.88 and the second one costs for $129.

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8. A Charging Station

A Charging Station

Have all the latest Apple gadgets in your collection? How about charging them all on one platform and at the same time? Well, it is possible! The charging station can charge your iPhone, iPad, MacBook and your Apple Watch too.

There are multiple charging stations available on Amazon and eBay. You can choose according to your brand choice and your devices.

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9. iPad Stand or holder

iPad Stand or holder

iPad is used for many purposes including watching movies, listening to music, for navigation purposes or even learning a new recipe. An iPad stand or holder can make the job much easier for you. Here’s why-

  • Multi-angle aluminum stand to hold your iPad on any angle
  • The foldable stand can adjust according to the height you want your iPad to stand
  • You can also make use of Siri when you place your iPad on the holder

You can choose from a variety of stands like Nintendo stand for games, 360- degree portable table stand for a 360-degree angle rotation and many more for various uses. For low-cost iPad stands, try out eBay.

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10. Digital Subscriptions

Digital subscriptions

Simplest and the Smartest gift for the ones who use iPad are subscriptions. It can be Netflix, Spotify or Prime. We surely don’t want you to pay regular subscriptions as a gift.

However, you can surely gift a six-month prepaid subscription and make them happy. There are thousands of applications available on Apple Store that requires a subscription.

You can buy premium versions of these apps, for example – you can buy Bear Notes for a writer and Netflix for the one who watches the latest series and movies.

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11. Texture

This one is for most all the girls and ladies who love to read the latest magazines and celebrity news.

Texture is an exclusive digital Apple-owned magazine that provides content from over 200 popular magazines.  You can access magazines like Baby, Yoga Journal, Beauty hacks, and many more such contents.

The price for this digital magazine is just $9.99 per month and is the perfect gift for your lady this Christmas.

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12. 2018 iPad

2018 iPad

Want to surprise your partner this Christmas? Why not gift an iPad itself? Of course, iPad Pro can empty your bank, but why not try out the iPad 9.7-inch iPad 32-gigabyte Wi-Fi model.

It has all the upgraded features and services to reach your expectations. It is available in Silver, Space Gray and Gold colors.

iPad 2018 costs for $329. However, if you have a high range budget, you can try the 128-gigabyte model as it is on 30% off sale which comes to $399.

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There you go! You now have an idea for the best gift for your friends and family who are loyal iPad users. Search for discounts and offers on the device you’ve selected from various sites and stores and pick the best one for you.

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