Google is a popular search engine on the World Wide Web. You can say that every internet and smartphone (be it Android or iPhone) user knows what Google and the Google Apps, like Google Drive, Translate and so on.

Google Apps are a group of web-based messaging and collaboration applications supported and hosted by Google servers.

From reading the emails on Gmail to checking out trending videos on YouTube, we use these Google apps in our smartphones every now and then. Google offers you these applications as a service instead of a standalone software. Using Google apps has become a daily routine to access any information on the go.

There are several Google apps that you can use to access the Internet, data, and content more easily. Out of all the Google apps, we have picked 8 best and essential Google Apps that you must download on your Android and iPhone devices.

Note: Most of the essential Google Apps are free of cost which you can directly download it from your iPhone App Store or Android Play Store.

Best Google Mobile apps for Android and iPhone users

There are plenty of Google Apps worth considering the best ones as they all contain some great tools for better functionality. However, here are a few of them:

1. Google Chrome

Most of you know that Google Chrome is one of the best mobile web browsers which helps you to search almost anything in one click with the secure and smart built-ins.

It is an extremely fast web browser and has a very basic and simple user interface making it very easy to use. It is available for iPhone and Android mobile phones for free on their App Stores.

Some of the main features of Google Chrome are:

  • Google Translate
  • AutoFill Forms and Passwords
  • Voice Search
  • Speedy browsing
  • Open Multiple Tabs

Google has over 1 billion active users and hence, is the most popular Web Browser. 

2. YouTube

Youtube provides you to watch your favorite show anytime and anywhere and also allows its users to upload, view, rate, and share videos and also subscribe to your favorite channels and all for free.

Make watching your favorite shows more comfortable with the YouTube app and explore brand new music, news and more from your subscribed channels by just opening the Youtube app.

Some of the additional features of YouTube are:

  • Live Streams of your favorite show on your mobile phone
  • Connect and share through likes and comments on videos
  • Stream the latest hits and music videos and watch fresh artist releases

You can also download the YouTube Premium and enjoy offline, ad-free videos on your device.

3. Google Maps

Save yourself from the trouble of losing your way or keep on asking someone for the correct directions which most of the times are not accurate.

Download the Google Maps for free which is available on both Android and iPhone App Store. Your mobile device and this location-based app are made for each other as it takes you to the exact location which you prefer to go.

Some of the primary features of Google maps are:

  • Real-time ETAs showing you traffic conditions
  • Offline maps to search your location on offline mode without any internet connection
  • Automatic rerouting based on road closures and traffic systems

There are over 220 countries and regions available on Google Maps.

4. Gmail

The official Gmail app comes with the best features of Gmail to your iPhone or Android with multiple account support, real-time notifications and a search bar which functions all across your Gmail.

This free e-mail service has a basic and straightforward over-all design which works very fast and has fantastic collaboration with powerful email features.

Gmail helps you to send and receive data and file immediately on your mobile phone. So hurry and download Gmail on your device right now.

Let us see some of the significant features of Gmail below:

  • Enables to switch between multiple accounts
  • You can undo send, to block any unwanted mail or file Quickly send and receive large files and attachments

Gmail is a useful app for business purposes to keep track of large files and documents on your mobile phone.

5. Google Drive

Google drive is another excellent free application which is very useful for storing your files, documents, videos, and any other data you wish to store.

Your files and documents are backed up safely in the Google drive, so you don’t lose them. You can also access Google drive on your mobile device or computer to have all your files stored on Google drive.

Here are some of the features of Google drive:

  • Find your files by name and titles
  • Check your file details and functions
  • Allow file viewing when in offline mode

Google Drive offers you 15GB free storage capacity.

6. Google Photos

Google Photos is one of our favorite picks amongst the best Google apps as it offers you free storage of unlimited photos and videos up to 16 MP and 108p HD on any of your device.

Comparatively, Google offers you to store high-quality images for free whereas Apple iCloud chargers you a high amount after 5GB.

We have listed some more features of Google Photos below:

  • Share Photos in no time
  • Visual Search
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Enhanced Editing

You can rely on Google Photos to keep your pictures and memories intact always. 

7. Google Calendar

One of the best apps for business and personal schedules as we all go through a busy schedule and forget some of our important events. The Google Calendar app is to the rescue to get us organized.

The Google Calendar app integrates with your events from Gmail and also keeps a note of your flights, concerts, hotels and any reservations. you can also add your attach your personal events like go to the Zumba class every day to your Google calendar

Make your schedule easy with the smart suggestions feature and track your workouts and mark your set goals.

Some more features of the Google Calendar are:

  • Edit your events on the move
  • Originates reminders for urgent and important tasks
  • Set your aims and goals alongside your daily schedule

The above points prove that Google Calendar is one of the best productivity applications for your device.

8. Google Earth

We discussed Google Maps as one of the most convenient apps to show us the exact locations in no time.

There comes Google Earth with a mobile app to get a realistic view with high-end quality images of structures or roads of whatsoever location you want. Explore the 3D regions of the entire globe through Google Earth.

Google Earth comes in to use when you want to have an actual image of the location while you are on the move.

Few of the additional features of Google Earth app are:

  • 3D image of every location
  • Clear street view

That’s all! These were our favorite picks for essential Google Apps for Android and iPhone users. Let us know which is your favorite Google app from the above list.

Also, drop in your queries and suggestions in the comments section below.

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