Instead of saving large files and images, we prefer taking screenshots. Screenshot or screen capture is created by taking a photo of the screen on your monitor.

You can quickly capture screen on your computer or smartphone with their built-in screenshot feature. However, there are some limitations for taking a screenshot with limited features.

Here’s when you’ll need a special tool to take advanced screen captures.

There are many screen capture applications designed for Windows, Mac or to run in a web browser. We have compiled some of the best paid and free screen capture software in this post. Let’s get started-

1. Snagit


Snagit is available for both Windows and MacOS and is a simplified screen capture software for its high-end features and services. Some of the main features of Snagit are-

  • Has a primary and easy user interface
  • Has a control panel which allows you to start a screen capture process and also allows you to change settings
  • You can highlight the part of the screen or text you want to capture
  • There are many useful tools like blur and arrows
  • You can record your screen and create a video or a GIF from the app

Snagit is a little expensive but is worth the price if you have to take screenshots for professional use on a regular basis. It costs $49.99.

Download Snagit here.

 2. Ashampoo Snap

Ashampoo Snap

Ashampoo snap has all the features and tools you are expecting from a screen capture software. Let’s check out this feature-packed application’s services-

  • Has unique features like editing tools, video capture mode and special enhanced effects
  • You can easily export or save your file in any format
  • Has one of the most straightforward user interface comparing to all other screen capture applications

Ashampoo lacks in some of the features like GIF file format missing and such other little factors. However, it only costs $20 and makes it worth the price.

Download Ashampoo snap

3. Fireshot


Fireshot is another excellent screen capture software which is best for clicking web pages. It is difficult to capture those end number of web pages and compile them together in one page.

Fireshot is one excellent tool to automate the process. It functions with almost all the web browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and more. You can click as much as web pages you want. In Fireshot you can-

  • Save the captured page as a PDF or any file format
  • Edit the captured page and send it through email, Drive, Dropbox or cloud storage

Fireshot has a free Lite version and a standard version which is more than enough for primary screen capturing. However, you can buy the paid Pro version to enjoy its advanced features.

Download it here.

4. OBS Studio

OBS Studio

OBS studio is the best free screenshot software to capture high-quality images and recording and stream games. OBS Studio can be a best friend for all the gamers as you can record from your graphics directly and capture them in full-screen mode.

You can stream live to save projects or YouTube gaming. One of the best features here is that there is no limit for streaming or recording any video length. OBS Studio screen capture software and is one of our favorite picks from the list. Download OBS Studio here.

5. ShareX


ShareX is another free open source screen capture software which designed for Windows only. Let’s check out some main tools of ShareX below-

  • You can choose from the different capturing process like- you can grab a specific part you need to capture or even choose a specific monitor, regions or windows
  • Have several editing tools to crop, add shapes, images, text or even pixelate the image
  • ShareX has various automated tools that allow you to copy, upload and watermark screenshot images

ShareX has a tricky user interface to understand initially but is a powerful, updated and a must-try application.

Download ShareX here.

6. FastStone Capture

FastStone Capture

You can try this software and enjoy its features and services for a long 30 days free trial period. Some of the main features of FastStone are-

  • Video game recording
  • Digital editing features
  • Video capturing

It has all the necessary screen capture software features. However, it lacks in many features like- Has very less file format options, you can create Windows Media Player (WMV) only which also has some limitations.

You can contact customer support through emails only. You should give a try yoFastStone Capture if you are searching for a necessary screen capture software for a reasonable price. It costs $20.

Download it here.

7. FlashBack Express

FlashBack Express

FlashBack is a well-designed screen capture software that’s perfect for capturing content from your webcam and recording games.

It won’t have a watermark on its free version as well and have no time limitations. You can directly record a selected area, a window or your webcam in Flashback Express.

It directs you to a simple editor to edit the content you’ve recorded. You can trim, crop or add effects and export it to YouTube or your desktop. You can export your video in WMV, AVI and MP$ file formats.

Download FlashBack here.

8. Apowersoft


Apowersoft is a powerful free online screen recorder app. You can open Apowersoft and use its features to take an exemplary screenshot of a presentation or a tutorial and keep it for watching them later.

It is not an ideal application for recording games, but some of the main features of Apowersoft are-

  • You can capture any footage, YouTube clips, webcam footage on a full-screen mode
  • Record audio from your computer
  • Select a particular area to record or capture content
  • Has customizable keyboard combinations for better speed and convenience
  • You can choose from various file formats like- MP4, WMV, AVI and similar formats
  • Upload the saved video file recording and upload them directly to YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive or Dropbox

Apowersoft is an excellent free screen capturing tool as you can directly use it from your browser and install a small launcher application.

Apowersoft has a paid Pro version as well. However, Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder has all the qualities of a good screen capture application.

Download Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder here.

9. Screenpresso


Screenpresso has some unique and useful screen capturing features and is one of the best applications as it captures optical character recognition.

It means that it analyzes an image you’ve captured with words and letter and switch them to editable texts. Let’s check out some main features of Screenpresso-

  • The Print Screen feature effectively helps you to capture your digital content easily
  • You can even record your screen in HD videos including webcam footages
  • Has a built-in editor to crop, add rounded corners, reflection, special border effects, and many other such features
  • A special toolbar to start afresh capture, edit and upload your captured images and videos

You can share or publish Screenpresso’s saved files directly to YouTube, Google Drive, Facebook, Twitter, Email contacts and Dropbox. Screenpresso has two versions- Pro; it has all the features mentions above, and the free basic version has some limited features.

Download Screenpresso.

10. Screenshot Captor

Screenshot Captor

Screenshot Captor is one of the most flexible screen capture application from the list. Here’s why-

  • You can grab content from your scanner, webcams or such other scrolling windows to capture
  • Several services of Screenshot captor is automatic like- uploading content to image hosting services, creating titles
  • Allows you to capture many screenshots in one row
  • Has built-in annotation and editing tools

You’ll have to request for a free license to start using Screenshot Captor. The donation supported application is available for Windows only.

Download Screenshot Captor here.


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