Christmas season is here, and so are holidays! It’s time to go for holiday shopping. No one expects soft toys, clothes or show pieces as a gift in the latest technology world.

There are hundreds of gadgets available in the market. It can be a smart piece of headphones or the latest Apple watch.

It becomes quite confusing for us to decide from varieties of gadgets and of course considering their price.

You don’t have to worry, as we’ve compiled some of the best seller gadgets and popular tech gifts for your loved ones or even yourself! Well, we also have listed their price and sites in the post, so you choose the perfect one to suit your choices.

Let’s get started.

1. The New Amazon Echo Plus (Second Generation)

Amazon Echo Plus (Second Generation)

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Alexa! We all have heard about it. It is one of the leading devices today and also known as the best replacement for Siri. It is hands-free and is answerable to any of your questions.

It can play any music you want by just saying its name. Alexa can tell you about the traffic information, weather forecast, and even information about your favorite celebrity. It can also turn the lights on or off by your command.

The premium version of the Amazon Echo Plus comes with a Zigbee hub, which supports and works with your smart home devices. You also get an enhanced sound system for the best audio quality. This masterpiece is worth the price.

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2. Roku Streaming Stick

Roku Streaming Stick

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Roku Streaming device provides the best movies and series streaming services on your TV. It is an excellent replacement to your cable, here’s why-

  • Has over 500,000+ movies and TV serials accessible with voice search on 1,000+ top channels
  • You can also see the latest movies, popular TV series without paying any fees or subscriptions charges
  • A smart Roku remote to operate Roku channels and shows
  • The streaming stick is portable and can work anywhere on the go
  • You can also see movies and shows from many streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Video, Showtime or even YouTube TV

Roku Streaming Stick is an excellent power-packed portable device to enjoy the best entertainment services on your TV with zero fees. Buy it here.

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3. Leather Tassel Lightning Charging Cable

Leather Tassel Lightning Charging Cable

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We all are always on the phone whether checking someone’s Insta stories or watching a movie while you’re traveling. We all end up draining our batteries, and we know the battery limit of our iPhones.

You can gift this chic style of charging cable which has a beautiful design and looks cool. Some of the best features of this charging cable are-

    • Cables as covered by tassel cords
    • has a lengthy cord of 18cm
    • you can clip it to your bag
  • 2.4A charging cables
  • Can be connected to iPad, iPhone or iPod

I am sure girls will love this device as it has a feminine outlook and is available in pink, white and black which can also match any of their outfits. Buy it here.

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4. Polaroid Cube+ Live Streaming Mini Action Camera with Wi-Fi & Image Stabilization


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Here comes the device for all the adventure lovers who go to different places and covers their whole experience. Polaroid Cube+ allows you to stream all your journeys LIVE on Instagram, Facebook or such other social networking sites through the Wi-Fi feature.

You’ll get an excellent picture quality in your LIVE streaming videos with the image stabilization feature.

It is weatherproof, shockproof and splashproof. You can attach it to your headgears or even your car roof’s rack. This one will be a heaven for the person who loves to go for treks or even skydiving.

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5. Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

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A Fitbit Ionic smartwatch tracks all your activities including swimming, walking, running and workouts. It is much more than just a smartwatch, let’s check out why-

  • Start your personalized workouts with step-by-step tutorials
  • You can store up to 300+ tracks and play them on the go
  • Get to know your pulse heart rate
  • Install applications for your favorite sports, news or weather
  • You can even make payments through an inbuilt NFC chip on the move

Fitbit Ionic watch is the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones as they can manage most of their activities on their wrist. It is available in Slate blue and burnt orange colors.

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6. Nest Security Camera

Nest Security Camera

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This Christmas keep your house and yourself safe by gifting yourself the Nest Security Camera which also works with Alexa.  You can set this camera in your house wherever you want to keep an eye on all the activities.

You can also see all of these activities in the Nest App which detects all the movements and alerts you

It has an inbuilt speaker and mic to hear all the activities and also communicate with your pet. It is easy to attach to any place in your house it can be a wall, a flat surface or even attach it to a magnet with its inbuilt magnet. Buy it here.

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7. Apple Wireless AirPods

Apple Wireless AirPods

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There are 700 million iPhone users in the world, and we are one of them. iPhone has some great features, and Apple has introduced the all-new AirPods in the Apple family.

Let’s know some of its great features –

  • You can hear your favorite playlist for up to 5 hours in one charge
  • They connect instantly through Bluetooth to your device
  • You can easily communicate through your AirPods while doing some work
  • It has an excellent voice accelerometer and optical sensor
  • Your AirPods automatically pauses its audio once you take them out and plays back as you put them back in your ears

You can use AirPods while walking, running, working out and even communicate with people while working. Buy it here.

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8. GoPro Hero4

GoPro Hero4

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GoPro Hero4 is an award-winning product for its high super high-resolution 4K30 and 2.7K60 video quality. It has a 2 times more powerful processor that can deliver super slow motion at 240 frames per second. For those who don’t know.

GoPro is one of the best versatile cameras that capture every action of your movement. It is designed for rough and tough use and is mostly used for capturing actions like skydiving, cycling or taking a picture from a height.

GoPro Hero4 is one of the latest versions of GoPro and is an ideal gift for your adventure lover friend. Buy it here.

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9. Anker Power Core

Anker Power Core

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The power bank is a perfect gift for your friend and your pockets. Anker Power Core is one of the most light-weight 10000 mah portable chargers.

It can charge up to two and a half full charges for the best smartphones including Galaxy S9 or iPhone devices.  You’ll get a Micro USB cable, travel pouch and 18 months free warranty with your Ankle Power Core portable charger.

Anker provides complete safety for your devices with its Multi-project safety system without charging a significant cost for the product. Buy it here.

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10. JBL Clip 3

JBL Clip 3

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You can gift JBL Clip 3 to your friends who are bathroom singers or the ones who like to spend most of their time in the washrooms.  Let’s get to know some of the features of this device-

  • Is waterproof and splashproof
  • Available in vibrant colors
  • Has excellent audio quality
  • 3000 mah rechargeable battery
  • Has a smart speakerphone to communicate through speakers

JBL Clip 3 is the best portable speaker with a surprisingly robust sound and ideal for your next pool party.

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11. Philips PicoPix PPX5110 Pocket Projector

Philips Picopix Pocket Projector Video Projector (PPX5110)

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Make any space a theatre with this compact and light Philips PicoPix Projector that can offer you to view pictures and videos in a bigger view. You can connect your smartphone, tablets or laptops to project your content through Bluetooth or HDMI cable.

The size of the image may depend on the distance you’ve placed your projector. They also have a small tripod to give you a better view of the image you want to display. You can carry all of these features in your pocket or a purse.

You should surely go for Philips PicoPix Pocket Projector (PPX5110) if you are searching for something to gift your boss or colleague. Buy it here.

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12. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera

 Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera

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Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 8 camera is undoubtedly going to be a delight to capture your Christmas parties or New year eve’s memories. It has a high picture quality and comes in a cute and compact design.

It is available in seven vibrant colors. You can also adjust the picture quality settings to get the best shot from your Fujifilm Instax Mini instantly. You can grab this camera at a very affordable price. Buy it here.

Hurray! You can now watch your favorite Christmas movies without having to worry about Christmas shopping.  All of the above gadgets are available online with massive Christmas discounts.

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I hope this review helps you find a perfect gift this Christmas. Let us know which gifts you selected for your loved ones this Christmas.

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