If you’re a gamer, you might already know about Steam. For Steam gamers like DOTA, CS:GO, the name you use in the game matters a LOT. Your Steam name or game name literally becomes your identity in the Steam gaming world.

Although it depends on individual preferences, gamers often give high importance to their game and Steam account name. And the major problem with the gaming names is, what you thought cool when you were 17 might be considered weird at this time.

So, if you’re embarrassed by your old Steam account name, it’s time to change it. But, is that possible? Can you change your Steam account name?

Sadly, you can’t change your Steam account name, but the good news is you can change your user name. Here in this guide, we’re going to explore some easy ways to find and change your Steam account user name. Let’s start.

Where Can I Find My Steam ID?

First things first. To change your Steam username or Steam ID, you’ll need to find your Steam ID.  Here’s how to find it:

  • Launch any multiplayer game
  • Tap on the Options icon
  • Choose the Keyboard tab
  • Tap on the Advanced icon
  • Check the Enable Developer Console icon
  • Click on Apply and Ok button
  • Join a server (create one if you don’t have)
  • Now from the menu screen, press the tilde (~) key (to the upper left-hand corner of the keyboard)
  • Type Status in the console text field and hit the Enter key

You can now see your SteamID displayed right next to your nickname in the console window.

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Ways for Changing Steam Account Name

Well, the sad news is that you cannot change your Steam account name. It is because your account name is a numeric identifier and cannot be changed in any condition.

However, the good news is that the name displayed on your profile is not the account name but it’s your Steam profile name, and you can change it!

How to Change Your Steam Profile Name?

As discussed above, your Steam profile name is the one that appears on the top right corner of your page. It is the name that is displayed to your friends or used for contacting you in the game. Fortunately, you can change it. Here’s how-

  • Launch your Steam client and log in to your Steam account
  • Select the Friends icon (from the top menu)
  • Now in the Popup box that appears, select your profile name


How to Change Your Steam Profile Name


  • Highlight your profile name and type over your existing name to change it
  • Hit the Ok button (to the bottom) and save it

Congrats! Your new steam profile name has been updated, and your friends can now see you with this name.

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How to Set up a New Steam Account and Transfer Games?

Well, there is no chance that you can change your Steam account name. However, many users think of creating a new account and transfer all their Steam games.

However, it’s not possible. All the Steam games are under single-user licenses, and they are already assigned to your account.

Can You Merge Accounts?

Steam accounts can’t be merged as well. It is mentioned in the Steam Subscriber Agreement that the game subscriptions, CD keys are non- transferable and can’t be reset.

How to Delete Your Steam Account?

Well, make sure that you don’t want to use Steam anymore before deleting your Steam account.  Please note that there is a big difference between uninstalling your Steam account and deleting your Steam account.

Uninstalling can only free up your hard disk space. However, deleting you Steam Account means deleting your account credentials, details, licenses, CD keys, and your Games.


Delete Your Steam Account

You can always create a new Steam account this way, but you’ll lose upon all the saved games and their licenses.

Your entire community posts, mods, discussion, and all the contents will be permanently deleted from Steam.

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How to View Your Steam Data?

You can view your Steam data by visiting the following link-


Here, you can even edit some of the data held by Steam expect the Steam account name. 

How to keep Your Steam Account Safe?

Now that we know the importance of our Steam game account, we should surely try to keep it safe. We’ve listed some steps that can prevent you from any insecurity issues.

  • Enable the Steam Guard two-factor authentication
  • Use a strong password for your Steam account
  • Only allow Steam to remember your password if you’re the only one accessing your PC and make sure you don’t do that on a public computer

Apart from these, avoid the emails from Steam asking for your details.

That’s it! You can now enjoy your Steam game and change the profile name using the steps mentioned below.

Have any other issues while performing the above steps or the Steam client itself? Add your questions or comments in the comments section below.

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