Have you ever received “confirm form resubmission” message on Google Chrome? In most cases, Chrome shows this error when you try to refresh a page in Chrome or if the back button is pressed. not only Chrome users but Firefox users can also get this error message.

So what is this confirm form resubmission or ERR_CACHE_MISS error is all about?

Before we start with the guide, note that the confirm form resubmission is NOT an error. It’s more like a warning message asking for the confirmation of the data being submitted.

Why Do I See Confirm Form Resubmission Message?

There can be many reasons why you’re getting this message on your browser screen. It’s actually a feature in Chrome that helps users to prevent unintentionally duplicating the POST actions on forms, like purchasing the same product twice online.

For example, your credit card might get charged twice if you refresh the page just after you hit the submit button. Or, if you’ve already purchased some ebook online, and you’re still on form, then you’ll see Confirm Form Resubmission message on your screen.

This error can also be caused due to many reasons like a slow internet connection or some issues in your browser.

How to Fix Confirm Form Resubmission Problem?

Now that we know the potential reasons causing “Confirm Form Resubmission” message. Let’s try out these quick fixes below to solve it.

1. Check Your Internet Connection and Browser

If you’re facing this error for the first time, you should try out this general fix. Let’s do it-

  • Disable your internet connection and enable it again
  • Connect your device to any other internet connection
  • Try to browse through some other social media websites

Now, browse through any page and check if the error persists.

2. Use the Shortcut Tab to Fix the Issue

Some users are facing this annoying feature repeatedly every time they reload a web-page. The following method has worked for some users. Check it out:

  • Right-click on the Chrome shortcut icon on your desktop and choose Properties from the list

Use the Shortcut Tab to Fix the Issue

  • You’ll see a new tab on your screen, navigate to the Shortcut menu where you’ll find the target option

Use the Shortcut Tab to Fix the Issue

  • Then add –disable-prompt-on-repost (no quotes after chrome.exe) after the root extension
  • Now your root extension should look like this-

C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe-disable-prompt-on-repost

Once it’s done, close your Chrome browser and relaunch it using the shortcut. Now the error shouldn’t occur.

3. Put Get in the URL Instead of Post to Solve the Error Issue

In this solution, you have to switch the error link to a new one. Let’s see how-

  • As soon as you press the back button, you can see the following link-

<form action=”index.php?load=SEARCH” method=” post”>

  • You’ll have to make changes in the above URL with the one given below-

<form action=”index.php?load=SEARCH” method=”get”>

After changing the link, the error issue will be solved automatically.

4. Clear Your Browsers Cache and Cookies

Well, there might be a problem with your browser, so we suggest you clear the cache and cookies from the Chrome settings. Here’s how-

  • Launch your browser
  • Hit the three vertical dots (to the top-right corner)
  • Select MoreTools from the list
  • Now, select “Clear Browsing data” and select the amount of data you want to delete

Clear Your Browsers Cache and Cookies

  • Once selected, press the Enter button

Clear Your Browsers Cache and Cookies

You’ve now cleared unnecessary cache and cookies from your browser. This method might fix the ‘Confirm Form Submission’ error.

That’s all! These are some of the best solutions to fix the ‘Confirm Form Submission’ error on your browser.

However, this isn’t a conventional error and is a feature to stop users from re-submitting a form. It can be resending a verification code or order something from an e-commerce site again.

Have any other issue while performing the above methods? Drop down your suggestions and queries in the comments section below.

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