Winter is coming and so is Christmas! It is a traditional culture and a way of showing love by sending Christmas greeting cards to your loved ones. Gone are the days where we used to send handwritten Christmas greetings to our families and friends.

The world has become digital so why not our Christmas cards? Well, I feel it is a better and comfortable way to send your good wishes and love in an attractive electronic Christmas card.

There are millions of free and paid E-cards available for different festivals and different categories on millions of websites.

It can be a religious message or a funny Christmas invitation or both. We have listed some of the best E-card websites for you to celebrate your Christmas season even better. Let’s get started-

1. 123Greetings

As you open the 123Greetings website, you’ll see a world of beautiful greeting cards on your web page.

123Greetings offers you the best greeting card designs, not only for Christmas but all the festivals, functions and even for sending good wishes. There are hundreds of designs you can select from and send the best one to your friends or family.

123Greetings can directly link to your Facebook account, and you can send a free card to your Facebook friends. Visit here.

2. JibJab

JibJab is the best e-card website when you want to send some crazily animated wishes to your close friends.  You can modify your JibJab ecards in the funniest ways by placing your friend’s pictures in them.

You can even make a musical e-card which can even be in the form of stories. Well, these cards do come at a cost, but I think that it is affordable for its feature-rich programs.  Visit here.

3. Hallmark

We all have received and gave hundreds of Hallmark’s greeting card back in our childhood. Hallmark had been my favorite store when it came to cards and gifts. Hallmark has also made its mark in the e-cards world by offering some basic yet elegant greeting cards.

You can also personalize your greeting card by adding various features from the website including music and animations. You should use the Hallmark websites to share classy e-cards with your officials or families.  Visit here.

 4. American Greeting

It is one of the most popular websites to have the most extensive collection of e-cards. You have many options to customize, animate or even add personal pictures to your ecard.

American Greetings offers some fascinating talking ecards where you can record your wishes in your sound and make it play with some cartoon character’s picture.

American Greetings doesn’t provide free cards, and you need to have a paid membership subscription. It can be a monthly, yearly or two years paid subscription. Visit here.

5. Jacquie Lawson

Jacquie Lawson started designing e-cards since 2000 and has a unique, yet classic design for each ecard they have. Some the e-cards come with animation and music.

Although, the yearly subscription of Jacquie Lawson’s e-cards is a bit expensive, but is totally worth the price. They have some excellent quotes and messages for any celebrations.

Your Jacquie Lawson ecard will please your office colleagues or relatives with its great outlook. Visit here.


If you don’t want to search for websites and hunt for Christmas category greetings, visit on your browser and all the best Christmas and Holiday greeting designs are on your screen.

They provide you with photo-cards, non-photo cards and also available in free and paid premium designs.

You can also create an attractive party invitation card on I have downloaded some of the best Christmas cards for free of cost from this site. Visit here.

 7. Victorian Trading Company

You cannot send funny animated cards to your grandparents or someone who is quite elder for you. There comes the vintage style designed cards from Victorian Trading Company’s site.

You can choose from a variety of different e-cards, and all of them are available for free.

Most of the e-cards are based on holiday season and Christmas wishes in beautiful artistic designs inspired by our forefathers.  Visit here.

8. Punchbowl

Punchbowl offers you the easiest way to create and share beautiful e-cards for Christmas, invitations and such other occasions.

You can select from hundreds of designs from your desktop, tablet or even your mobile phone. Punchbowl offers you to create and send all the e-cards for free of cost.

Go to Punchbowl when you are short with time but still want to delight your loved ones. Visit here.

9. offers simple and basic designs with a theme of the environment. has some subscription charges but donates a part of its income to an NGO which serves the planet. Although the e-cards of this company are simple, they do allow you add your personalized photos to the card.

This Christmas let’s not only send love to our loved ones but to the environment too. Visit here.

 10. BeingSo

You can create crazily animated e-cards in BeingSo by adding your photos and texts. In BeingSo also has an application that lets you create their videos and send them through SMS, MMS or emails.

You can also link them directly to send to your Facebook timeline, Whatsapp contacts, and such other messenger apps. In  BeingSo, you have e-cards for everyone and every occasion to give that smile to your family and friends. Visit here.

 11. Sloppy Kiss Cards

The name sounds a bit funny, but Sloppy Kiss Cards have an extensive collection of e-cards for the dog lovers. They also offer you 30 days free trial to pick the best theme of Dogs and create your beautiful card.

You can directly send your customized card to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Emails.

Aww somebody with this cute-looking dog’s ecards and send your best wishes for this Christmas. Visit here.

12. MyFunCards

The name itself of this websites says that you’ll see a set of funny e-cards. MyFunCards offers you comic and colorful designs for your Christmas wishes.

E-cards from this website are also available in Spanish and Portuguese languages. You can create Birthday e-cards, invitation e-cards, Thank You e-cards by selecting from the theme you want.

The best part about this website is you can even print the free ecard you’ve created. Visit here.

Merry Christmas! You can send love with beautiful messages, pictures, music and even customized videos using these websites. Most of these websites are free and perfect to suit your choice.

Let us know which website did you choose to send the best e-cards to your family and pals in the comments section below.

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