Many computers support dual monitor screen feature allowing users to split screen. Usually, the dual screen monitors are used for the official purpose, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful wallpaper on your desktop monitor, even in your office.

Dual monitor feature becomes handy when you want to keep two applications running at the same time. It’s a good idea to make your dual monitor screen more presentable with some beautiful dual monitor wallpapers. But where to find the best dual monitor wallpapers online?

Here in this post, we have handpicked 10 best places to find the unique dual monitor wallpapers. Let’s get started.



Wallpapers Wide has a simple user interface that concentrates on simplicity yet, quality. Let’s check out some features of Wallpapers Wide-

  • Offers a wide range of wallpapers available in every resolution from landscapes to sci-fi
  • It has a separate category of Dual monitor by classifying the wallpapers according to the image resolution
  • You can also choose form Animals, birds, cartoons, celebrities, and such other wallpaper content

Wallpapers Wide undoubtedly has to be on the top of our best dual monitor wallpaper list for its excellent wallpapers and quality service.

Visit Wallpapers Wide here

2. HD Wallpapers

hd wallpaper

How about getting your dual monitor wallpapers in high definition resolution? HD Wallpapers can do the work for you.

Although they are not considered as a dual monitor specialist, they offer some excellent double monitor HD Wallpapers. You can choose from many categories, dozens of resolutions with a user-friendly interface.

Visit HD Wallpaper here

3. WallpaperFusion


WallpaperFusion is one of our favorite picks from the best dual monitor wallpapers list. Here’s why-

  • Has a massive repository of wallpapers in every possible size
  • The image quality of Wallpaperfusion images are excellent
  • You can choose from a variety of genres including landscapes, cars, and such other different wallpapers
  • They also offer a variety of image resolutions from screen size, HD, UHD, etc.

You can choose all of these by filtering your search by tags, sizes and so on. You should surely visit WallpaperFusion to get the best dual monitor wallpapers on your screen in no time.

Visit WallpaperFusion here

4. DMB


DMB stands for Dual Monitor Background. The name itself says that the site is all about dual monitor websites. Let’s check out some of the services of DMB below.

  • It has the most extensive collection of dual monitor wallpapers available as it entirely dedicated to dual-monitor wallpapers
  • You can choose from multiple images filtering by ratings, popularity, and date
  • You can see the title and the image resolution to make it easier for you to download the wallpaper

However, we cannot promise you the best quality images from DMB wallpaper. However, you can surely try out this website if you are looking for an extensive collection of wallpapers to choose from.

Visit DMB here



The users upload all the wallpapers available on IMGUR and mainly focus on dual monitor wallpapers. It is an open source site hence it has dozens of categories to choose from.

It includes landscapes, girls, boys, guns, weird faces or even beautiful designs. All you have to do is browse for almost anything you’re looking for, and you’ll get it on your screen.

Visit IMGUR here


Digital Blasphemy

Digital Blasphemy is a popular website for computer wallpapers including dual monitor wallpapers. It is a subscription-based website but offers you many types of wallpaper in the free gallery.

The image in this site has various screen resolutions with multi-monitor samples. There are several designs including seascapes, landscapes, and underwater images.

You can also choose wallpapers for special occasions like Christmas wallpapers, Valentine’s Day and such other international occasions.

Visit Digital Blasphemy here



Twelve South is an excellent website for all the Mac users out there. It has a classic collection of wallpapers for your Macs dual monitors. It is mainly designed to give you a unique wallpaper keeping both your screens in sync.

Hawaiian islands inspire most of the designs available on Twelve South. You can even download backgrounds for two different Mac monitors.

For example- you can use wallpapers from Twelve South for your MacBook and iMac devices, and they’ll allow you to choose from the dual background.

It offers high-resolution images with a unique way of unifying your Mac devices.

Visit Twelve South here

8. Graffiti Wallpaper

Graffiti Wallpaper

Graffiti Wallpaper seems to be a simple and a basic wallpaper website. However, it has a lot in treasure including several themes to choose from plants, animals, landscapes, flowers, and such other natural themes.

You can quickly download dual monitor wallpapers with a wide range of resolutions from this site.

Visit Graffiti Wallpaper here



In Pinterest users can upload, save and sort wallpapers, for that you need to be logged in. You can choose from an extensive collection of dual monitor wallpapers in almost any category you want.

You should surely give a try to Pinterest if you are looking for something unique and creative for your dual monitor background.

Visit Pinterest here

10. Social Wallpapering


Social Wallpapering, the name itself describes that it is a social resource based wallpaper website.

Although this website has some fantastic content, the main setback is that you have to browse each image available to find for dual monitor wallpapers.

However, Social Wallpapering has one of the best image qualities as compared to other sites in the list.

Visit Social Wallpapering here

That’s not all! You can also try out MultiWall website which allows you to find images or wallpapers suitable for one than more screens.

Let us know your favorite dual monitor wallpaper site from the list in the comments section below.

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