Overloaded hard disks can bring down the performance of your Windows computer.

You need a disk partition tool such as EaseUS Partition Master. It can help Windows manage data in a better way by creating separate regions on the hard disk.

EasUS Partition Master makes hard disk management easy for your Windows operating system. It is a good disk partition tool that is simple to use and available for free.

There’s also a paid version of EaseUS Partition Master that comes with some additional abilities. But, you should consider using the free version first, and then upgrade to the paid EaseUS Partition Master tool.

So, let’s have a look at a comprehensive review of EaseUS Partition Master Free for Windows. You’ll find out why it is one of the best disk partition tools for Windows today.

What’s Good about EaseUS Partition Master Free?

First, we’ll understand all the reasons that make EaseUS Partition Master the best tool to manage disk partitions.

The latest version – EaseUS Partition Master Free v10.5 – comes with features such as:

  • Faster conversion rate – Creating disk partitions is simple and faster. You get an advantage to shift from Master Boot Record (MBR) disk partitions to GUID Partition Table (GPT) disk partitions.
  • Improved user interface – EaseUS Partition Master is user-friendly. You can be a newbie to Windows or disk partition, and still be able to use this tool without any assistance.
  • Extended support to high capacity disks – The free version can handle mega capacity disk partitions. You can use the EaseUS partition manager to create separate regions on +16TB capacity hard drives.

Along with this, the EaseUS Partition Master Free lets you preview the partition changes before applying them. There’s also some room for customization; you can add more operations to the partition.

Now, there are also a few shortcomings to the EaseUS Partition Master free edition.

EaseUS Partition Master – Some Downsides

The cons, however, don’t exceed the pros of EaseUS Partition Master Free. Windows users who are aiming to use this tool for commercial purposes may be disappointed.

Firstly, the free edition is designed only for personal use. You can lose data when you try using it for commercial purposes. You may also lose data if you decide to use high MBR to GPT conversions on EaseUS Partition Master.

If you’re planning to extend your Windows operating system, the EaseUS Partition Master tool asks you to reboot your PC. In fact, you’ll be forced to reboot your system whenever the tool finds it difficult to handle the increased disk volume.

Other downsides include inability of the tool to work while other programs are running in the background, data loss while managing dynamic disk volumes, and forceful installation of support programs during setup.

Final Thoughts

The changes you make with EaseUS Partition Master Free are quite helpful. So, you can easily manage disk partitions and recover data with this tool.

You can surely go for the free edition of EaseUS Partition Master for Windows and learn all the basic advantages of any disk partition tool.

Let us know your decision in the comments below.

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