One of your New Year resolutions is to hit the Gym every day? It is essential to keep yourself fit as we say, “Health is Wealth.” You have to eat right, be punctual and most important workout regularly to be in shape.

It becomes difficult for us to keep a track on all of these healthy habits in our busy schedules or while traveling.

That’s when these trending fitness applications can help you with your diet plan and workout routine according to your body type. These fitness applications calculate your body type and train you accordingly

We have compiled ten best fitness apps to keep you fit and healthy. Let’s get started-

1. FitStar Yoga

FitStar Yoga

Yoga is trending and one of the most effective and beneficial exercises to be fit. Yoga has a unique set of exercises called ‘Asanas’ which can be only learned by professional yoga tutorial. It becomes difficult for you to attend a Yoga class every day.

FitStar Yoga app does the work for you by adapting your fitness level and customizing exercises accordingly. They connect with highly professional yoga trainers to guide you with yoga poses and sets.

Although you get loads of free yoga classes, the premium version costs $7.99 a month and $39.99 per year.

Download FitStar Yoga here

2. My Fitness by Jillian Michaels

My Fitness by Jillian Michaels


Get all the information for fitness, nutrition and interactive workout on My Fitness by Jillian Michaels. It is a 4.5 star rated application with some of the best fitness features and services.

It doesn’t only guides you with exercises and sets, but also makes your meal plan to keep you fit. It counts your calories and sets your weight-loss or weight-gain programs.

Jillian Michaels is a celebrity trainer who handles this health and fitness apps. You can try out this application before buying it as you get a free 7-day trial.

The premium membership of My Fitness costs $9.99 per month and $89.99 per year. Download My Fitness by

Download Jillian Michaels here

3. Fitbit Coach



Fitbit Coach is known to be one of the most popular personal fitness training apps. Let us check out some main features of Fitbit Coach below-

  • It provides High definition quality exercise videos
  • The more you get fitter, the workout intense increases
  • You can choose from seven-minute workout session to 60-minute workouts
  • You can also buy the Fitbit watch to play video and audio workout sessions from your wrist
  • Creates your Fitbit account and saves each activity automatically on your app
  • Available for iOS, Android and Windows as well

Fitbit is one of our favorite picks from the best fitness apps for its excellent features. You can buy the premium version of this app for $7.99 a month and $39.99 per year.

Download Fitbit Coach here

4. Sweat


Sweat is managed by Kayla Itsines one of the heart-throbbing fitness models who motivates every girl and women out there.

Sweat has some amazing exercise video tutorials, meal plans and motivational content to keep you in good shape. Many Sweat users have shared their body transforming stories on the social media platform.

Sweat is one of the most popular female fitness communities with millions of users all over the world.

Users love it for its fitness, nutrition, and motivational services. All the ladies must try out this fitness app to keep you healthy and confident.

You can try out the free 7-day trial subscription. You can buy the Sweat membership for $4.61 a week or $19.99 per month. Although it sounds a bit expensive, it’s worth the price.

Download Sweat here

5. Fitbit


You should try out Fitbit if you don’t want a thorough workout tutorial or a meal plan. Fitbit directly records your workouts, tracks your intake of food and keeps track of your all-day activities. Some of the main features of Fitbit are-

  • It tracks almost all your activities including the steps you’ve walked, distance, sleep, calories you’ve burned and how much you’ve slept
  • It monitors your heart rate
  • Enhances your running potential using MobileRun to track your speed, time and distance
  • You can turn your smartphone into a Fitbit tracker using the app
  • You can set and manage your goals by creating weight, exercise and nutrition goals

Fitbit is available for iOS, Android and Windows devices. You can even be connected with your friends with daily or weekly challenges. Fitbit is a handy tool which does all the above work for you for free of cost.

Download Fitbit here

6. Runtastic Sit-ups


Runtastic is a very basic, yet useful fitness app to shred those extra calories and get your abs toned. Runtastic has some excellent series of fitness applications including Pushup, Pull-ups, and Squats.

These are the most beneficial daily exercises to keep yourself fit and in shape. Most of these apps are entirely free. It offers voice-coaching, leaderboards, an accurate count of reps and motivating badges for better performance.

Runtastic has ad-free applications. You can enjoy these apps for free in the level one. The Pro versions of each app cost around $1.99, which is entirely worth the price.

Download Runtastic Sit-ups here

7. Zova


This one is for all the iOS users who want to get trained in a unique way which provides video and audio workout tutorials. You can choose from various types of exercises from Strength, flexibility or cardio to suit your preferences.

You can pay some extra for premium membership to avail services like classes hosted by celebrity fitness trainers and influencers. The premium subscription costs $12.99 a month and $79.99 per year.

Download Zova (for iOS only) here

8. Alo Moves


Alo Moves is an ideal yoga training application with the most inspiring yoga teachers. There are thousands of yoga videos available on Alo Moves. Some of the main features of Alo Moves are-

  • You can learn Power yoga, meditation and handstand workshops in this app
  • Has over 2,000 videos including handstand workshop, total-body workouts and relaxing meditational guides
  • 500 single classes taught by the biggest names in yoga

Alo Moves is available for web, Android and iOS. You get a free trial for 14 days and $20 per month which is worth the price.

Download Alo Moves here

9. Asana Rebel


Yoga is working wonders to cure several diseases and mental health issues. Yoga exercises and practices are called ‘Asanas.’ There are 84 asanas and 8,400,000 variations of them.

Asana Rebel is one of the best free yoga training applications delivering all its high-end features like-

  • You can track your progress, input your goals and select the classes accordingly
  • Choose from various categories from fat burn to strength
  • Small sessions for people with a busy schedule

Create your rebel story and get that body you’ve always aimed for with Asana Rebel app which is free.

Download Asana Rebel here

10. 8Fit


The 8Fit app is the one stop solution for you to set your New Year resolution goals in no time. It sets a simple, yet beneficial balance between exercise and nutritional guides.

It also offers customizable no-equipment quick workouts from 15-20 minutes. They guide you with easy nutritional meal plans and recipes.

8Fit gives you proper detailed exercise information. Make sure you follow the accurate reps and diet plans to get that fit and healthy body. 8fit is available for Android and iOS devices and costs $60 a year.

Download 8fit here

That’s it. Let us know about your favorite fitness app and how do you like it. We’ll add your favorite app to this list and make it more interesting for the fellow readers.

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