It can be really frustrating to find that the voice chat is not working when playing your favorite game. For Foretnite players, mic not working or voice chat not working are the common problems.

Fortnite is an excellent modern MMO gaming experience. The best part of the game is it provides seamless voice chat features that enables you to live talk to your gaming buddies while in the game.

The game and its features work smoothly on almost all kinds of mobiles and PCs, and is entirely cross-platform which allows you to play with your buddy from another country.

But recently, there are many cases of Fortnite where the mic stops working and you can’t voice chat at all. If you’re facing the same issue and are unable to voice chat with your Fortnite buddies, read this guide. Here I have mentioned the best possible solutions to fix the Fortnite mic not working problem.

Why is Your Mic Not Working in Fortnite?

The audio in Fortnite might not be working on your PC, console, laptop or PlayStation due to many reasons. It can be due to an in-game bug, Windows OS problem or some wrong settings or configuration to the visualize sound effects.

Possible causes for Fortnite mic not working include:

  • Outdated game files
  • Bugs in the game
  • Audio driver issues
  • In-game audio settings
  • Audio driver settings in Windows

How to Fix Fortnite Mic Not working?

As discussed above, there can be many reasons causing the mic not working while playing Fortnite games. Similarly, there are many general and elaborated fixes to solve the issue.

Go through all the general fixes first and then try out the solutions. Let’s start.

1. Restart the Windows Audio Service

Most of the times, a general restart to a device or a program has fixed many small issues. Let’s restart your Windows audio service to fix the issue.

  • Press and hold Windows + R keys to open the Run dialog box
  • Now, type services.msc and hit the Ok button

Restart the Windows Audio Service

  • Search for Windows Audio and right-click on it. click on the Restart option (to the upper-left)

Restart the Windows Audio Service

  • After that, close the Services window

Once it’s done, relaunch your Fortnite software and see if you’re mic is working correctly.

2. Set Microphone as the Default Device on your PC

According to many Fortnite players, setting their microphone as the default recording device on PC has worked for them to fix the no audio issue.

  • You need to disable the Voice Chat in Fortnite to proceed. To do so, open Fortnite and click on the three lines (to the top-right corner) and select the Settings icon

Set Microphone as the Default Device on your PC

  • In the Settings window, tap on the speaker icon to open the Audio settings

Set Microphone as the Default Device on your PC

  • Here, search for the Voice Chat option and turn it off
  • Hit the apply button (to the bottom)

Once it’s done, close the Fortnite app

  • Now, right-click on the volume icon (to the bottom-right corner of your desktop screen) and choose Sounds
  • In the Sounds window, tap on the Recordings tab
  • Here, right-click on the device you wish to use and click on the Set as Default device option from the list

To test if your microphone is working, try to speak into it and see if the green bar is rising while you talk.

  • You’ll have to right-click on all the other input devices and disable them
  • Once you’ve disabled them, hit the Ok button
  • Open Fornite on your device and once again go to the settings menu and turn the Voice chat feature on (using the first three steps above

Ask your squad or your buddy to join and check if your mic works while playing Fortnite games now.

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3. Allow Apps to Access the Mic

This method is for all the users using the updated Windows 10 version. The privacy setting reset here might have disabled the mic’s access to Fortnite. You’ll have to check it through the Windows Settings.

Here’s how:

  • Press the Windows logo key and click on the Settings (gear) icon

Allow Apps to Access the Mic

  • Now search for Privacy in the Settings window and open it

Allow Apps to Access the Mic

  • Now click on the Microphone icon (to the left pane)
  • Now under the Microphone section, hit the Change button (in the right-pane)

Allow Apps to Access the Mic

You’ll now see that your mic is turned on. Also, ensure that the ‘All apps to access your microphone’ icon is enabled.

  • Makes sure that Fortnite is turned on under the choose which apps can access your microphone option

Once the process is done, test the mic in your Fortnite.

4. Check for Windows Update

If none of the methods do the work for you to fix the issue, there can be some problem with your system. You can check for any windows update. Here’s how-

  • The easiest way to check for Windows update is by pressing the Windows key and typing Updates in the Search bar
  • Here you’ll see a Check for Updates icon in the list of results

Check for your Windows update

  • Open it and install all the identified updates to fix the issue

Your Windows system is now up to date, and the no audio in Fortnite issue might be fixed now.

5. Disable Visualize Sound Effects

This is one of the most common solutions present in the game’s settings menu. The sound visualization effects feature is designed to improve the gaming experience.

However, sometimes it completely disables the sound when enabled. Therefore, disabling it is a great idea. Let’s do it-

  • Launch Fortnite
  • Go the Fortnite’s Settings menu
  • Tap on the Accessibility tab

Disable Visualize Sound Effects

  • Here, switch the Visualize Sound Effects feature off

Your Visualize Sound Effects feature is now off and is most likely to fix the issue.

6. Run Fortnite as an Administrator

At times, the game lacks some permission or the system itself blocks it.  Running Fortnite with administrative permissions has worked for some users to fix the issue.  Follow the steps mentioned below to run Fortnite as an admin-

  • Locate to the Fortnite desktop shortcut and right-click on it
  • Now select Properties from the drop-down menu
  • In the Properties window, tap on the Compatibility tab
  • Here, check the “Run this program as an administrator” checkbox and confirm the selection

Run Fortnite as an administrator

  • Apply the same process for Epic Games Launcher

Check if your mic works correctly while running Fortnite as an administrator.

7. Check Sound Options for Fortnite

For those who don’t know, there are different sound settings for individual apps. Your sound setting for Fortnite might have been put on mute. You’ll have to unmute it to fix the issue. Let’s do it-

  • Launch Fortnite on your PC and minimize it
  • Press and hold Windows + I keys to open the Settings menu
  • Select System from the options
  • Choose the Sound option (from the left pane)
  • Ensure that the input and output devices are on Unmute mode
  • Tap on the Advanced sound options

Here, search for Fortnite icon from the list and make sure that it’s NOT muted.

8. Update Game

The problem also might be with your in-game bugs or some problems in the update. Your in-game sound might have been broken.

Updating your game will fix all the in-game setting issues. Update your game from either the Store or the Manufacturer’s website. Make sure that you’re installing the latest and correct updates.

9. Reinstall the Game

Well, if you’re still stuck with the no audio in Fortnite issue, the best solution is to reinstall the game. However, we suggest you perform this method only if the above solutions don’t work.

  • Hit the Windows logo key and type Control Panel. Press the Enter key to open Control Panel
  • Click on the Uninstall a program icon (under the Programs icon)

Reinstall the game

  • Search for Fortnite and Uninstall it

Once it’s uninstalled, download and reinstall Fortnite using the Epic Games Launcher.

10. Reset PC to Factory Settings

A faulty sound driver implementation during the latest update has caused many sound issues. You can solve these issues by either reinstalling the driver or by resetting your PC to factory values.  Follow these steps to reset your PC.

  • Press and hold Windows + I Keys to open Windows Settings app
  • Select Update and Security option
  • Choose the Recovery icon (from the left pane)

Reset your PC to factory settings

  • Now hit the Get Started button, under the Reset This PC option

Resetting your PC is the last option we’ll recommend to you as you might lose your data and configurations. However, fixing the audio issue is a necessary task to do.

That’s all! You can now finally enjoy the full battle royale experience in your Fortnite. Have any other issues while performing the above methods? Drop your questions in the comments section below.

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