Compressing files to save space is something that you should do day in and day out.

If you are storing a lot of data on your computer, you can save some space by using tools such as WinZip.

However, several users find WinZip too complicated to use. Plus, the software faces update and compatibility issues.

Hence, we’ve compiled a list of free WinZip alternatives (2018).

These ten file compression and extraction tools below can replace WinZip on your phone and your PC.

So, let’s check out what each of these free WinZip alternatives has to offer!

1. Zipware


 To top the list of free WinZip alternatives, Zipware offers simplicity and a well-developed interface.

It is a good alternative to WinZip for offering the features of any premium file compression software at no cost.

Zipware is up for free download. You can use it easily as the instructions and tabs are simple to locate and use.

Also, you get a built-in virus scanner with Zipware. It checks the archived files before extracting them.

Some of its exclusive features include:

  • An integrated virus scanner called VirusTotal
  • Simple use (just click on ‘New’ or ‘Open’ to archive files or select a source file)
  • Option to tweak a few settings

Zipware is great for anyone who has doubts before extracting a downloaded archive.

You can run the virus scan and decide whether or not you want to extract those files.

Downside: However, the software doesn’t detect viruses to archive files above 32GB.

Also, it is not ideal for power users – people who need to extract bulk archives fast and safely.

To download Zipware, click here

2. Ashampoo Zip Free

Ashampoo Zip FreeIf you’re using Windows 10 or Windows 8.1, you may want to free WinZip alternative that is touchscreen-friendly.

The Ashampoo Zip Free software is optimized for a touchscreen use.

It has complex menus, but a clear interface that offers the ‘Touch Mode’ option.

And, this software gives previews of files before extracting them, which is really cool!

The Ashampoo Zip Free software is easy to navigate. You can use it for archive creation, multi-volume ZIP writing, and archive repair.

What makes Ashampoo Zip Free standout:

  • Touch-friendly use
  • Inbuilt repair tool for archives
  • Previews files before extracting
  • Comes with a dedicated tool for encryption and decryption

 Downside: Unlike Zipware, there’s no virus scanner to check for threats. And, you don’t get a lot of features, not the ones you find in 7-Zip or PeaZip.

Plus, you can suddenly hear music from an audio file playing if your mouse is over that media file (that’s because of the preview feature).

 To download Ashampoo Zip Free, click here

3. Hamster Free Zip Archiver

Hamster Free Zip Archiver

The Hamster Free Zip Archiver is a powerful free WinZip alternative.

It is simple to use but offers impressive compression speeds.

You can compress files faster on Hamster Free Zip Archiver than on most of the other free WinZip alternatives.

The software uses a compression ratio that does the work twice as faster than other archiving software.

The pros of using Hamster Free Zip Archiver include:

  • An option to tweak and select compression levels
  • Password protection (optional)
  • It supports all formats – TAR, XZ, RAR, 7Z, etc

On top of that, you get an integrated cloud service feature.

So, you can save and store the extracted files or archives on OneDrive, Google Drive or anywhere else on the internet.

Downside: Not compatible for Windows 10. During installation, the Hamster Free Zip Archiver offers adware, which threatens your computer protection.

So, be careful while installing this software.

 To download Hamster Free Zip Archiver, click here

4. 7-Zip

7-Zip is a best-selling free WinZip alternative in the world. However, the software developers haven’t able to keep pace with their competitors in terms of adding features.

There are no strings attached, so 7-Zip is a genuine alternative for WinZip users.

Plus, the software is open source. It is free for commercial use as well.

Overall, the 7-Zip software doesn’t exceed 1MB in terms of its own size.

With that said, it also requires quite a few system resources to pack and unpack files.

Why go for 7-Zip?

  • Offers a high-compression 7z format (universally popular)
  • Well-designed
  • Supports all file archiving tools (free as well as paid)
  • Creates self-extracting archives (standout feature)
  • Easy to locate and extract archived files (drag and drop method)
  • Password protection

You can also use a simple file tree (like the ones in Internet Explorer) to archive files with 7-Zip.

Downside: Compared to others, it doesn’t have a repair tool.

 To download 7-Zip, click here

5. B1 Free Archiver

B1 Free Archiver

You may want a free alternative to WinZip for professional purposes.

If your work requires a lot of extracting and archiving tasks, B1 Free Archiver is ideal for you.

This free tool supports every Zip format used in the world.

It can be used as desktop software, and you also get to use its online free service.

So, this means that you don’t even need to download the software. The online B1 Free Archiver tool is as good as the software.

Downside: It comes with a lot of adware. So, keep declining those pop-ups during installation.

 To download B1 Free Archiver, click here

6. PeaZip


The PeaZip software is high on security. It has several advanced security options. So, basically, you won’t miss a virus while extracting the files.

The PeaZip software detects the threats and blocks the infected files during extraction.

Similar, when you use PeaZip, the archived files are more secure.

In addition to the password protection, you can add more layers of security (encryption) to the files.

Advantages of PeaZip:

  • Best for securing archived files
  • Active repair tool for archive files
  • Customization for file compressions

You can extract several types of Zip formats with this software, and it works well with every Windows system.

Downside:  When it comes to batch compressions, PeaZip is unable to handle the bulk workload.

It prioritizes security over compression, and in the due process, it cannot watermark images.

 To download PeaZip, click here

7. jZip


jZip is a simple WinZip alternation for Windows 10. The compression ratios are good for commercial use.

You get a simpler interface, making jZip extremely user-friendly.

Few options make jZip simple to use, so it is ideal for beginners as well.

However, the software lacks customization, so you aren’t able to tweak the file compression levels.

Downside: Lacks security features. The software installs a toolbar (adware) for your default web browser during installation.

 To download jZip, click here

8. Simple Unrar

As the name suggests, the Simple Unrar software is a free tool for simply extracting archived files. You can only extract the .rar files.

Even so, Simple Unrar is a great WinZip free alternative. The app supports all types of RAR files.

It can extract RAR files up to their latest version, i.e., version 5.

You get a simple interface, so it is easy to browse files on Simple Unrar. Also, you can quickly extract the RAR files that size up to 2GB and above.

Two cool features of Simple Unrar

  • You can extract RAR files attached to emails directly
  • You can separately retain the broken/corrupted files without disturbing the ongoing extraction process

Downside: There’s no provision for security and archive repair tool. The software is quite short of features.

 To download Simple Unrar, click here

9. Bandizip


You can install Bandizip as a great WinZip alternative for Windows 10.

The software offers all basic features of WinZip and other free alternatives mentioned above.

Most importantly, you don’t get to see any ads pop up during installation and while running the program.

The Bandizip software comes with no malware or adware.

Key features of Bandizip:

  • Supports multi-core compression
  • Scans files before opening them
  • Good for high-end compression tasks

Bandizip is a comprehensive tool that utilizes all the cores of your PC for delivering better and faster compression.

Downside: Doesn’t come with high-end security options.

 To download Bandizip, click here

10. ExtractNow

The interface of ExtractNow is simple, but you can only unpack files. As a result, you may consider using only the online tool of ExtractNow software.

Nonetheless, ExtractNow is a good pick from our list of free WinZip alternatives. It has the ability to extract dozens of files quickly, securely and easily.

The drag-drop usability of ExtractNow is a hit among young users.

Consequentially, you don’t have to click a lot or use any complicated keyboard shortcuts on ExtractNow.

Downside: Unfortunately, the software is only designed to extract, and not archive.

 To download ExtractNow, click here

We hope this list helps you choose the best free alternative to WinZip.

If you know of a better and free WinZip alternative that we missed out, let us know in the comments below.

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