Microsoft Office is one of the best programs designed by Microsoft as it is a suite of all the premium desktop applications. It includes Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Outlook and Access.

Microsoft Office is an excellent suite of productivity apps as it is accessible in 35 different languages on Windows, Mac, and Linux as well. We all know that Microsoft Office is expensive as the oldest version of it starts with $150.

You have to pay a whopping $7 per month or $70 per year as the subscription charges for the office apps.

Want to use these apps without twitching your pockets? We have found out a few workarounds that you can try to get Microsoft Office’s services for free. Let’s check them out-

1. Use Free Office Mobile Apps

This one is for the active smartphone or tablet users as they can get the mobile version of Microsoft Office for free. However, you can use these apps on a screen which should be smaller than 10.1 inches.

The features of the mobile app are as good as the desktop application and have good implementations similar to the full Office applications but of course, has some limitations to the features

Well, if you are using Office 365 on the latest tablets or iPads which have screens bigger than 10.1 inches, you’ll have to pay.

Pros: You can create, edit and view files on the go. You can share your files with other users.

Cons: Office 365 should have some more advanced features. You can’t edit and create documents on a screen larger than 10.1 inches.

Click Here To Use Free Office Mobile Apps

2. Microsoft Free Trial

Microsoft office 365 is an excellent version which has a one-month free trial which has some of the best applications of Office. It includes Excel, Word, PowerPoint and such other official apps.

You need to enter your credit card information to sign up for the trial. However, you can always choose to cancel the trail just before the free trial period ends.

You can enjoy the whole Microsoft Office experience for a year and check if the price is worth for its services. You extend the free trial period for another month once.

pros: there are no limitations to use all the features and services.

You can extend the free trial period for another 30 days if you haven’t done it before

Cons: You’ll lose all the Office 365 applications, once the trial period is over and you haven’t purchased it.

Click Here To Microsoft Free Trial

3. Sign Up For an Evaluation (TechNet Evaluation Center Program)

Microsoft offers you to try out some brand new features with the TechNet Evaluation Center. It is mainly designed and put up before launch so that you can try it out and study about the software.

It includes Visio Professional 2016 which is available for 60 days, Project Professional 2016 (60 days) and Office 365 ProPlus for 30 days.

You can get this free trial which is for a decent amount of period with full-fledged feature software and a little more specific about them.

pros: You can use the whole Office’s services for free and with enhanced services.

Cons: You can’t be sure about a specific application whether it is available or not.

Click Here To Sign Up For an Evaluation

4. Microsoft Office Online

Most of us know about it, especially the apple users. Microsoft office is available as a free online program where you can edit and share the documents you’ve made.

It can support Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote. You can also save the documents in the cloud allowing you to open files from any location.

You also can access free OneDrive cloud storage and an online calendar. The User Interface of this website is very similar to Microsoft Office. You can enjoy some of the best apps of Microsoft Office, without having to download any software.

Pros: Free Templates. You can open any MS Office file type and share them with anyone.

Cons: You can only use 2GB files. They don’t have a spellchecker for Excel and PowerPoint. You also have to store files in OneDrive.

Click Here To Microsoft Office Online

5. Get Office for free through your School

This one’s a good news for all the students and the educators. You can quickly get Microsoft Office 365 Education program through your school. It includes essential apps like Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Excel, and unlimited OneDrive storage.

To install this Office 365 Education program for free, you’ll require your school’s email address; you’ll have to be of legal age to sign-up. Also, keep your internet access ready and make sure that you are a member of the school.

Pros: Have no restrictions to access to the full features. Have no limits to the files you can use.

Cons: You are asked to verify your qualification regularly.

Click Here To Get Office for free through your School


You can use some of the office apps online, but you’ll get some fewer features. Try out this link and open the online version here-

Here you get a mini-set of Office application like- Online Word, Excel Online and PowerPoint Online.

Pros: You can use the three best programs from Office for free of cost. The interface is basic and straightforward to have a better online experience.

Cons: You can use these applications on online mode only and need to have good internet connectivity.

7. Educational Version

As discussed above, you can get the whole Microsoft Office 365 product for free of cost. You can either be a student, teacher or a part of the school. In this version, you’ll get the entire download and install apps, teams, exchange accounts and more.

You need to visit this site- and get the premium version by entering the valid school address in the email-address bar.

Pros: Educators can make classrooms; communicate with other members from the school.

Cons: Your apps go into one-month reduced mode as your Office 365 plan expires.

8. Buy Hardware With Microsoft Office

It is a rare case that you get Microsoft Office with your new desktop or computer. However, you can expect a good deal when you buy it as an add-on.

Certain laptops and computers give a one-year free subscription of Microsoft Office 365. You can also go for new computers that have preinstalled Microsoft Office 2016. It needs no subscriptions charges and has useful apps and features.

Pros: You can get a good offer if you buy Microsoft Office with your brand new computer or laptop.

Cons: The hardware bundled with Microsoft office might not meet my choices.

9. Microsoft 365 ProPlus Trial

You can try the premium version Microsoft 365 ProPlus version at free of cost for a month. You can enjoy all the premium services including Word, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Access, Publisher, Skype for business and other such advanced apps.

You can visit all the applications in 365 ProPlus trials with unrestricted access. Well, you can manage with 20 users having the same programming in one trial account.

Pros: Has 1 TB OneDrive cloud storage and offers you the full version of office.

Cons: You can only use the trial period for a month once only.

Click Here To Microsoft 365 ProPlus Trial

10. Use the best Alternatives for Microsoft office

Well, if none of these free trials fulfill your daily needs of office, there are many similar free versions like Microsoft Office. The user interface of these alternatives is identical to the Office programs. You can also easily share, create and view data with these programs.

Pros: You can save a significant amount of money and enjoy all the Office-like applications for free.

Cons: Some of the applications may get a virus or any other malware to your computer.

Done! You can use these ten easy workarounds and not twitch your pockets to use Microsoft Office’s applications. Although, the subscription charges for Microsoft Offices are high, but have promised to keep an accurate price for all the future versions.

We hope the accurate price of the future Office version is affordable.


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