If you want to make the most out of your Google Chrome, you need to use the Google Chrome extensions. If you’re a Chrome user, you might already know what the extensions are.

Google Chrome extensions are browser apps that are written using web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. These extensions are distributed through Chrome web store.

Extensions add more productivity and efficiency to the Google Chrome browser. You can find a wide range of extensions on the Chrome web store that can help you perform different activities in your browser. However, you need to be a little careful while installing these extensions.

Installing too many unwanted extensions can reduce the speed of Chrome and affect the overall performance. Some extensions can also be harmful to your PC.

In addition, with so many choices, it becomes hard to know which Chrome extension is actually helpful and which should be avoided.

To save your efforts on finding the essential Chrome extensions, we’ve compiled this list of great Chrome extensions that not only improve your browsing experience but also increase your overall productivity. Let’s start.

1. Momentum


Momentum is an ideal extension to get a quick overview of your day. Some of the main features of Momentum are-

  • You can add your bookmarks bar
  • Create your to-do list with inspirational quotes
  • Tracks your to-dos
  • Set a daily goal
  • Adjust the uptime and downtime with the Balance mode

Momentum has a paid Plus version that costs $3.33 a month. We suggest you use the free version as they paid version doesn’t have many additional services.

Download Momentum here

 2. Dark Night Mode

Dark Night Mode

The name of this application says for itself as it adds a dark mode to your internet page with a dark background.

It’s an excellent extension for the ones who don’t like to see those bright white web pages. It works fantastic when you want to use your PC in the night as you can avoid the flashy screen on your eyes.

However, the reviews for this extension aren’t that good. However, some changes in the settings can work well for you.

You can disable this mode whenever you want to use your browser in a normal mode.

Download Dark Night Mode here

3. Click and Clean

 Click and Clean

Click and click is an excellent tool to manage your browser including its browser history, cache and cookies, and even your download history. You should surely download Click and Clean. Here’s why

  • Click and Clean scans for malware for better web security
  • You can quickly clear your browser history, cookies and cache from one interface to keep your hard drive space free

Download this extension to keep your browser secured, neat and clean.

Download Click and Clean here

4. Great Suspender

Great Suspender

Great Suspender is an essential extension to the resource-hogging Chrome browser. It works best for the older Pcs or laptops that have low RAM capacity and limited processing power.

It stops any background tabs on your Chrome which are not in use. However, when you return to that tab, it might reload if the internet speed is good.

You can also set the amount of time to suspend the tab automatically. You can adjust the time up to two weeks. Hence it is called the Great Suspender.

Download Great Suspender here

5. Custom Cursor

 Custom Cursor

Why not have fancy cursors while browsing web pages on your Chrome? Try out this customization extension to set your cursor to whatever you want.

You can either choose from the massive online library or upload your creations. However, this customized cursor won’t work on specific sites.

Download Custom Cursor from here

6. Better History

Better History

You might visit many web pages on Google Chrome as you can extend infinite tabs within Chrome. It makes it difficult for your search among those hundreds of links in the browser history.

Better History helps you to search, delete or even edit pages you’ve visited. You can use the left to right date management feature to search or delete any page without any confusion.

You can delete a whole day’s history with just one click with a Better history.

Download Better History here

7. Bitly


Bitly is a popular Chrome extension for sharing URLs in no time. For those who don’t know, Bitly is a free link shortening service that turns any URL to a small and more sharable option.

You can also analyze the link’s data performance. It makes the links more presentable while sharing them in an email, text or while adding hyperlinks to another website.

Download Bitly here

8. Honey


Online shopping is growing to the next level to get almost anything on your doorstep. This extension is an excellent tool for all the shopping lovers as you get price-lowering discount code automatically on selected online stores.

You can save much money with this excellent extension. However, users have reported that codes don’t appear even after manually searching from the web.

However, the coin system rewards you with discounts for using them for further purchases or get cashback system.

Download Honey here

 9. Google Mail Checker

Google Mail Checker

You should surely have this essential extension if you have a Gmail account. You can manage your emails and see how many unread emails you have in your inbox.

This extension has excellent support on your chrome browser. The user interface of Google Mail Checker is simple, basic and essential.

Try out this extension to get updates as emails drop in your inbox and see them with just one click.

Download Google Mail Checker here

 10. Workspace Launcher

Workspace Launcher

Workspace Launcher is an excellent productivity extension with a nice dark theme. It allows you to create a preset number of sites that launch every time you load saved settings.

For example- As you open Chrome, check additional sites like blogs, news sites or create your workspace. These tabs instantly load in the background.

In this extension, you can name your workspace; open the tabs you want to launch in your Chrome browser and save them. Workspace Launcher is a time-saving extension.

Download Workspace Launcher here

11. AdBlocker Ultimate

AdBlocker Ultimate

AdBlocker Ultimate removes advertising including banner ads, videos, and pop-ups. It is an open source ad blocker which won’t whitelist acceptable advertising.

However, users can whitelist select websites whose ads they wish to support. Try out this extension to avoid unwanted advertisements on your Chrome.

Download AdBlocker Ultimate here

12. HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS everywhere is widely used on the internet as it protects the page authenticity on all types of websites. It secures accounts, keeps user communications, identity and browsing private.

It also ensures that you are visiting a secure site before launching it. HTTPS Everywhere makes sure that your PC doesn’t catch any malware while browsing on Chrome.

Enable HTTPS Everywhere on your browser to enjoy your browsing experience safe and secured.

Download HTTPS Everywhere here

13. Avast Online Security

Avast Online Security

Avast Online Security is a popular extension with over 10+ million users. It is known as a web reputation plugin which inspects each website you visit and identifies suspicious information.

This security extension warns you if you are visiting a malicious website. It is an essential extension for users who browse hundreds of pages like us to avoid going to any malicious sites.

To help Avast perform better at flagging unsafe pages, merely rate the websites you visit on Chrome.

Download Avast Online Security here

 14. FlowCrypt


FlowCrypt uses PGP encoding. Here, PGP stands for “Pretty Good Privacy.” FlowCrypt ensures to keep your emails private and secured, allowing you to share encrypted emails.

One of the main features of this security extension is that it works perfectly with Gmail. It also offers a “Secure Compose” button to your inbox.

Download FlowCrypt here

 15. Fair AdBlocker

Fair AdBlocker

Those lengthy advertisements can be very annoying while browsing. There are many AdBlocker extensions in the market, but Fair AdBlocker is one of our favorite extensions. Here’s why-

  • It offers both malware and adware in one extension
  • It protects you from malware as well as advertisements and pop-ups
  • You can also configure your ad blocking settings to avoid certain types of ads permanently from your browser

Fair AdBlocker is a famous ad blocking extension with over 2.1 million users.

Download Fair Adblocker here

That’s it. We hope you find this list helpful. If you want your favorite Chrome extension to add to this list, let us know in the comments.

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