Many would agree that iOS apps are somewhat cooler and more intuitive than Android apps. It’s easy to get hooked onto your iPhone when you can install and run dozens of iOS apps – each packed with unconventional features.

But, why limit the use of iOS apps to iPhones and other iOS devices, when you can choose from various iOS emulators and run those apps on your PC as well.

Give your iPhone a break and download the best iOS emulator on your Windows PC. And, get started with running iOS apps on your Windows and Mac computers.

So, let’s have a look at the best iOS emulators to run iOS apps on your Windows PC.


Like most iOS emulators, was developed as a beta testing tool for iPhone apps. Previously known as Kickfolio, the emulator is an easy way for you to play with iPad and iPhone games on your PC. doesn’t run iOS apps as emulator software, but simulates them on your web browser. You can use to run iOS apps on Windows web browser such as Chrome and Edge.


  • allows you to test new iOS app builds
  • good for marketing
  • offers new levels of user engagement
  • leverages your app for clients


  • no automatic registration with UDIDs
  • low image quality
  • only limited to web-based iOS emulation

The iOS emulator is compatible with Windows and Mac PCs. Use the emulator of Google Chrome and Firefox for Windows, and on the Safari Browser for Mac PCs.

To download, click here

2. MobiOne Studios

The MobiOne Studio 1.2 is a powerful iPhone app emulator, but more of a great tool to create iOS apps. So, you can also try your hand in building new iOS apps by using the MobiOne Studios emulators.

The latest version of MobiOne Studio emulators is good for testing new iOS apps and get feedback in terms of app landscape, user interface and scope for customization. It further uses the AppSync technology to run large-sized iOS apps on Windows and Mac PCs.


  • learn to build & test iOS apps with no coding skills
  • intuitive, drag-drop user interface
  • simple to modify, reconfigure


  • offers advanced app design abilities, which can go way over your head
  • focuses more on app development than app user experience

You can use MobiOne Studio emulator to run iOS apps on Mac, but works best on Windows PC and Microsoft devices.

To download MobiOne Studio, click here

3. Smartface

You can also use a cross-platform app development tool such as Smartface. It is a popular iOS emulator used exclusively on Windows computers and devices.

It is easy to run native iOS apps with Smartface. You can also get the paid version to use app lifecycle management tools and other Smartface utilities.


  • easy to test iOS apps
  • simple user interface
  • fast app installations


  • takes time to get used to
  • doesn’t support Bluetooth

You can get a community license with Smartface Designer to rename an app and change its icon. It is best used on Windows, and for professional purposes.

To download Smartface, click here

4. AIR iPhone

Developed by Adobe, the AIR iPhone emulator reflects the graphical UI of your iPhone on your Windows PC. However, your computer needs to run the AIR framework, which is easy to install and a free download.

AIR iPhone lets you upload new builds and custom apps on Apple Store. It is mainly responsible to replicate the GUI of your iOS device, and so you’ll be impressed with the visual abilities and image quality.


  • best for builds, tests
  • let’s you re-run custom apps


  • not compatible with Windows 10
  • takes time to run installer on some compatibility modes

You can use AIR iPhone as a desktop application on your Windows computer. And, it also works on your web browsers as an extension tool.

To download AIR iPhone, click here


5. Xamarin TestFlight

So far, it is the most talked-about and used iOS emulator for Windows. The TestFlight has garnered tons of positive reviews, mostly for being the best alternative for all the other emulators you see here.

It has a very user-friendly interface, but does offer advanced support. You can use TestFlight for trial runs of Android apps on iOS platforms. However, it doesn’t let you run apps that are compatible only with older versions of iOS.


  • has best tools for visual re-shaping of apps
  • takes advantage of binding all Apple APIs
  • creates cross-platform apps for Android and iOS


  • tricky setup and installation

The Xamarin TestFlight emulator runs well on both, Windows and Mac, operating systems.

To download Xamarin TestFlight, click here


You can run your native iOS apps with It is a great alternative to all native iOS emulators. You get to develop new apps, and at the same time, train yourself and your colleagues on app development.

The emulator takes care of customer support for your new builds. You can upload new apps on your website and further stream your content instantly to customers.


  • embeds all iOS apps for web browsers
  • uses API to stream in-browser apps
  • designs with iFrame technology


  • not built for playing iOS games

You can install the on Mac and Windows, but the emulator runs well on Windows 7 in particular.

To download, click here

7. iDos Emulator

There’s a simple iOS emulator made for playing classic DOS games on Windows. The iDos is an unconventional tool that serves this purpose to the fullest.

You can play iOS games to the best capacity on iDos emulator, making it a must have for hobbyists. So, go back to the early days of PC gaming with iDos and test out your ideas with some simple-to-use app development tools.


  • powerful DOS emulation
  • free games
  • multiple control options


  • difficult to import DOS files

The iDos emulator is best-suited for Windows PC. But, watch out for some update-linked bugs.

To download iDos Emulator, click here

8. iPhone Simulator

Some may need an iOS emulator to test an app before buying it. Those can go for iPhone Simulator. It is comprehensive software for testing iOS apps on Windows.

iPhone Simulator lets users interact with the platform while testing the apps. You can play around with default applications and try out the commercial scope of an app before putting it on the market.


  • amazing graphics
  • realistic simulation


  • can’t access Apple Store
  • disabled for testing some apps

The iPhone Simulator emulator comes with a free user license, and works only on a Windows 7 operating system.

To download iPhone Simulator, click here

9. iPad Launcher

Desktop customization software such as the iPad Launcher can also work as a great iOS emulator for Windows. You can use this freeware to run iOS apps on Windows and test their storage and processing needs before using them on your iPad or iPhone.

Except for its limited emulation abilities, there’s no downside for iPad Launcher. Perhaps, you’ll like this app for its easy-to-configure advantage.

To download iPad Launcher, click here

10. iMAME

If your goal is playing iOS games and nothing more, then go for an arcade machine emulator. The iMAME is good for you and your iOS gaming needs.

You can install iMAME on Mac and Windows, both, and start off with playing classic games arcade-style! Then, there’s also room for developing new games and testing them with users.

To download iMAME, click here

11. Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Developers of one of the world’s best gaming console have joined forces to come up with Nintendo 3DS emulator. It can emulate Nintendo’s gaming platform to run iOS games on Windows.

You can use this emulator exclusively for playing Nintendo games with iOS support on your Mac or Windows computer.


  • high user engagement
  • parameters to reconfigure games
  • easy to run default games on cross-platforms


  • doesn’t run non-gaming iOS apps as smoothly

You can find the Nintendo 3DS Emulator compatible with your Windows 10, Mac, as well as Android devices.

To download Nintendo 3DS Emulator, click here

12. Ripple

Another iOS emulator, Ripple, can help you experience browser-based app testing to a whole new level. Newbies prefer starting out with Ripple before moving to advanced iOS emulators.

You can’t use Ripple as desktop software to test iOS apps on Windows. It only comes as a Google Chrome extension. So, you can easily use Ripple to do a quick trial run on any iOS app while browsing through Apple Store on Chrome.

To download Ripple, click here

13. Electric Mobile Studio

Electric Mobile Studio is a premium iOS emulator. It comes only in paid versions, and is designed for Windows products exclusively.

With its premium features, Electric Mobile Studio offers high quality iOS emulation.


  • offers in-depth app testing
  • provides data on app analytics and UI
  • allows you to use multiple coding languages for new builds


  • complicated for non-coders
  • heavy on the CPU and takes up more ram

To try it out, download its 7-day, free trial version to make sure you made the right choice.

To download Electric Mobile Studio, click here

14. iPadian

If you’re looking for something that simply simulates iOS user interface on your Windows PC, go for iPadian. It is not exactly an iOS emulator, but more or less a desktop app that uses Adobe Air to simulate iOS user interface.

You can surely play iPad games and run iPhone apps on iPadian. But, there’s no room for testing the new builds. Also, the application brings along malware attacks during app installations.

So, on the safety meter, you don’t see iPadian making any progress. You can surely go for this app if you’re interested in putting your Windows PC at risk.

To download iPadian, click here

15. Remoted iOS Simulator

Lastly, we have the Remoted iOS Simulator, which is the simplest iOS emulator out there. It is developed on Xamarin codes and lets you test all iOS apps on Windows.

As an iOS emulator, the Remoted iOS Simulator doesn’t disappoint on any ground. It uses Windows Visual Studio Enterprise to debug any iOS app. You will find app navigation remarkably easy and intuitive on this emulator.

To download Remoted iOS Simulator, click here

So, which iOS emulator would you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.

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