Can’t log in to your Juno webmail? Juno webmail is a free email service offered by Juno, the dial-up Internet service provider. It is completely free, and you can create as many Juno email accounts as you want.

Back in the days, Juno used to be the popular Internet and email service provider, and it’s still liked by users even with the newer, more advanced competitors.

If you’re looking for a free email service, you can sign-up for the Juno webmail. In this guide, we’re going to discuss the steps to sign-up for Juno email, and the fixes for Juno webmail login problems.

Juno Webmail Features

Before you sign-up for the Juno webmail, it’s good to check out some basic features.

With Juno mail, you can send and receive emails anytime, and from anywhere, as long as you have an uninterrupted Internet connection. You can access Juno email client on your mobile as well. You won’t miss or lose any of these emails as all of these are sent to the central system of Juno email on the web.

  • Juno mail is a built-in program with your Juno software, and you can access it on offline and online mode
  • Junk Mail Filters
  • Sort and Delete settings
  • Enhanced security features
  • You can write your email with color and graphics
  • Spell check and rich text editor

Email services are available in paid and free subscriptions.

How to create a Juno Mail Account?

You’ll have to create a Juno mail account to use its services and features. Setting up Juno email on your web is pretty straightforward. Let’s do it-

  • Launch your browser and head to the Juno’s official website
  • On the Juno webpage, you’ll see the notification Not a JunoMember.” Here, tap on the “… to sign up now, Click here.”

  • You can now see a new page with all the services offered Juno and its premium packages. Look for the Free Services option and select Free Email.

  • Now, hit the Order Now button to proceed
  • A new page opens up asking you to enter your information
  • You can also choose to upgrade your package before you enter your details
  • Now, enter your necessary details and select the ID you wish to use and click on the Submit and Continue icon
  • Make sure that you’ve entered the correct information. You can now see a message box welcoming you to the Juno Message center. Tap on the continue icon to head to your Juno email account.
  • Hit the Continue button, and you’ll be taken to your email page where you send and receive emails

Your Juno mail account has been set up successfully! You can avail all the services and features offered by Juno.

How to Log in to Your Juno Email?

Now that you’ve set up your account, you can simply log in to your account from any device and send or receive emails. Logging into your Juno account is as simple as you do it with any other email client. Check out it-

  • Head to the Juno’s official website –
  • Here, you can see the MyAccount option, click on it. You’ll be asked to enter your login details

  • Once you’ve entered your login information, you’ll be taken to your Juno email inbox page

You’ve now successfully logged into your Juno account. You can now decide whether you have to compose a mail or check your inbox mails. The user interface of this site is straightforward.

Juno Email Setting

We have listed the Juno IMAP and SMPT settings below-

Incoming Mail Server

  • Account Type- POP
  • Server hostname-
  • Username- This is your username and not your email
  • Server port- 995
  • Authentication- Password
  • TLS/SSL- Yes

Outgoing Mail Server

  • Account Type- SMPT
  • Server Port-465
  • Username- Your Username
  • Authentication- Password
  • Server hostname-
  • SSL/TLS- Yes

The incoming mail server and outgoing mail server works for server settings on both Android and iPhone. Also on Outlook and Windows phone app.

How to Use Juno Email on iPhone?

Follow the steps mentioned below to get Juno account on your iPhone.

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone and go to Mail, and Calendars

  • Select add account and choose Other
  • Tap on Add Mail Account and enter the following details

Name- your name, Email- your Juno email address, Password- your Juno email account password and enter Juno in the description field

  • Under the incoming mail server, select POP3 and enter your details

  • Under the Outgoing mail server, put in the above-provided settings
  • Now, save the settings and head back to Mail, contacts, and calendars
  • Tap on the Advanced option after you select your Juno account
  • Head to the Incoming settings section and in the Server Port field, change the value to 995 and switch on the use SSL toggle

Your Juno mail account is successfully added in your iPhone.

How to Use Juno Email on Android?

  • Go to the Mail app on your Android device and select Settings
  • Select Choose pop3
  •  Here, enter your Juno email address and password
  • Under the incoming settings, enter the above settings and do the same for the outgoing settings
  • Enter the remaining configuration details

There you’re all set and good to go. You can now access your Juno mail on your Android device.

How to Fix Juno Email Login Problems?

Juno is known to be one of the most reliable webmail service providers. Juno has millions of users across the globe and users like it for the unique features and services it provides.

However, there is some downside to this app, and one of the primary problem users are reporting is the Juno Email Login problem. We have listed a few quick fixes to solve these issues with your Juno mail

1. Use the Juno Troubleshooting Feature

In most of the cases, the Juno troubleshooting feature has done the work to fix the issue. Let’s see how it works-

  • Launch your web browser and head to the Juno email Login page
  • In the Login page, hit the Troubleshooting button (to the top of your page)
  • Now, select the amount of connection you need for your Juno email. Choose from Juno DialUp or JunoDSL. Tap on the Continue icon to proceed

Note: Ensure that your internet connection is working correctly.

2. Enter Correct Details

  • You also have to check if there is enough space on your device. Remove any unwanted files to free up space
  • Make sure that you’ve entered the correct password and username
  • Go to Reset the password icon if you’ve forgotten your password.
  • To do so, go to the login page and click on the “Forgot password” icon. Here, enter your username and hit the Continue button. answer all the security questions and now generate a secure password

Now, try to login to your Juno email account after applying all of the steps mentioned above. If nothing works, you should contact the Juno customer service center to get more details on the issue.

Let us know if the above solutions worked for you to fix your Juno mail login problems. If you’re experiencing any other problems on your computer, let us know in the comments below.

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