If you like keeping a tab on the latest multimedia software, then you must’ve stumbled upon Kodi. The open-source, community-driven media player continues to win the interests of millions of users around the world.

So, before checking out the Kodi alternatives (2018), let’s have a quick intro on why everyone’s hooked on to this free media player.

The Kodi media player is being dubbed as one of the most flexible media centers around. It allows you to do anything and everything – from managing your home media library to streaming content from around the world.

Many would assume there’s no match for a robust media player like Kodi. But, it is always good to have an alternative. Like any other software, Kodi does have a few shortcomings.

What’s Wrong with Kodi?

Kodi has a few bugs in its earliest versions. So, if you haven’t installed the latest version, your Kodi player may crash from time to time.

Also, you may need to delete unused add-ons. They tend to slow down Kodi and cut back its response time. Also, you may feel that operating Kodi turns sluggish when you don’t clear out unused repositories.

Other issues linked to Kodi include –

  • taking up a lot of hard drive space
  • pre-configured software bundles failing to adapt
  • too many cache files getting stored
  • saving unwanted thumbnails

And, for those reasons, you’d prefer switching to an alternative. There are dozens of alternatives to Kodi, but you’ll find only the finest ones listed below.

So, let’s take a look at the 10 best Kodi alternatives available for you in 2018.

#1. Plex


When it comes to best Kodi alternatives, Plex tops the list. The media player offers the centralized interface to manage media, and that’s something common between Plex and Kodi.

The Plex app doesn’t run from a dedicated PC. You can hook it up to your server and stream the content with ease. It runs on all operating systems – macOS, Linux, Andorid, and Windows.

You can download the free version of Plex to try it out. If you like it, check out the paid version of Plex, which comes with new features and playback benefits.

To download Plex, click here

#2. Stremio


Stremio is a cool alternative to Kodi, and to your local cable TV. It is designed to be a dynamic media center for your desktop PCs as well as mobile devices.

You can also use Apple TV and Chromecast to get content from Stremio. It is extra user-friendly and more intuitive than Kodi. Stremio doesn’t allow users to save add-ons on their computer.

In turn, the app saves a lot of hard drive space and runs smoothly even when fully loaded.

That’s the major difference between Kodi and Stremio. You won’t see Stremio crashing due to add-ons. Also, unlike Kodi, you can’t customize Stremio’s installation package.

Subsequently, you won’t find the custom builds and new skins slowing down Stremio’s operations.

To download Stremio, click here

#3. Emby


If you’re interested in an open media alternative for programs like Kodi, get yourself the Emby app. It is easy-to-use, specially designed for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, but works great on PCs too.

You can play different types of media on Emby. It has an appealing interface that makes navigation easy. Unlike Kodi and much-like Plex, Emby uses client server for its online streaming services.

You may also like Emby for –

  • easy installation
  • user-maturity based content
  • option to add other features like live TV
  • compatible with other apps and media players

You need to buy the paid version of Emby to avail these features. Unlike Kodi, this media player is not a free download, but more of freemium software.

To download Emby, click here

#4. Serviio


Serviio is quite similar to Kodi. It is a powerful open-source media server that works at fast speeds. You get advanced controls and functions, which puts Serviio a step ahead of Kodi.

The user interface for Serviio is not that flexible, but that’s understood. The media player does bring more advanced functions for users than other free media players like Kodi and Plex.

You can organize content on Serviio, create media libraries with intuitive modifications. Your videos get subtitles if you watch it on Serviio. Plus, you can also stream different qualities of video to suit your visual expectations.

A strong plug-in support, remote accessibility, and backed by a solid streaming source makes Serviio a must have.

You’ll be pissed to know that the player doesn’t have an iOS app yet.

And, you can enjoy its top features in the Serviio Pro version, which isn’t a free download like Kodi.

To download Serviio, click here

#5. Playon


PlayOn is better than Kodi in many ways. It is best used for streaming media (as long as you run it on Windows operating systems). You can also discover new content easily, and before any other mainstream media player.

The PlayOn app also helps you play local content from Netflix, YouTube, and other networks. You can get the latest UI overhaul and enjoy streaming videos from your favorite web feeds.

What’s more from PlayOn –

  • You can integrate other streaming services
  • PlayLater service – you can record streaming content
  • Support from scripting community

Unfortunately, the PlayOn media player is made for only Windows systems. So, Mac and Android users can probably look for something else on this list.

To download PlayOn, click here

#6. Younity


You can also try Younity – the media server that doesn’t need any user-based configuration to run content.

Younity doesn’t share a lot in common with Kodi. It is not your typical media server. The app connects with all your devices and keeps each one on track with the media being played.

You can install Younity on any OS excluding Linux. Also, the Younity app supports other streaming TV networks such as Roku and Apple TV.

To download Younity, click here

#7. MediaTomb

There’s an open source media server called MediaTomb – that can replace Kodi on your desktop and mobile devices. You can use MediaTomb as an app like Kodi and stream your digital media from a native network.

MediaTomb app has a robust and easy user interface. You can listen to a variety of audible content from compatible devices. You can also watch movies and other UPnP content from an AV media server like MediaTomb.

To download MediaTomb, click here

#8. MediaPortal


If you need programs similar to Kodi to transform your device into a media hub, try switching to Media Portal. The MediaPortal player is a complete media solution for your PC.

It runs on basic hardware, so you don’t need to worry about any compatibility issues. You can also hash out technical problems such as connectivity. With MediaPortal in your device, connecting to your TV is quite easy.

You can watch unlimited free content – from TV series and music to movies and photos. MediaPortal is one of the most dynamic alternatives to Kodi available in 2018.

To download MediaPortal, click here

#9. Universal Media Server

Universal Media Server

Apps like Kodi or MediaTomb can give you a variety of features and satisfy your home network streaming needs. Similarly, the Universal Media Server can replace your Kodi app to stream digital media across a home network.

The Universal Media Server offers:

  • a web interface to connect directly to the Server
  • access to stream Blu-ray content to DLNA-compatible devices
  • compatibility to third-party plug-ins

You can also create shared folders and display only certain media.

To download Universal Media Server, click here

#10. Kantaris Media Player

Kantaris Media Player

Lastly, you can use an open source media player like Kantaris to replace Kodi. It is a great media solution to play videos and music from your Windows media library.

With Kantaris Media Player, you get an awesome interface. The player’s visualization is colorful and engaging. You can directly play video files present inside RAR archives.

The Kantaris Media Player lets you watch the latest movies and songs from Windows and Apple store. Online subtitle matching, 3D content playback support, and organizing video libraries are some more cool features of the app.

To download Kantaris Media Player, click here

Did you make your pick? Comment below on which media player you used as an alternative to Kodi.

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