Instructions on MS Office setup are easy to follow and you won’t need technical assistance of any sorts. All you need is internet access to log on to and a quick read on how to go about the setup.

Microsoft Office is not new to anyone who’s ever used a computer. In earlier Windows operating systems, the Office suite would come pre-installed. Now, you need to install MS Office as a new software suite on your brand new Windows computer.

Using the applications on MS Office has become simpler, but setting-up and installing this software package gets a bit trickier. Particularly for newer Windows operating systems and non-Microsoft devices, you’d need to follow an instructional guide for the MS Office setup.

Have a look at how to setup MS Office on Windows and Mac systems from link.

Setup Guide for MS Office (Windows)

Before getting started, you need to take care of a few things on your Windows computer. For proper installation and setup of MS Office on Windows,

  • Close all background apps
  • Disable any antivirus or third-party firewall
  • Sign-in to your Windows with your Microsoft user account
  • Get your PC a stable internet connection

Now, you’re ready to setup MS Office on Windows via The MS Office setup takes some time and you need to be patient with the installation.

First, download the MS Office setup file from

  1. Open your browser, say Google Chrome
  2. Go to
  3. Click on the download link and save the .exe file

You can always go to the Microsoft Store and download the online MS Office suite. It comes with a subscription key that allows you to download MS Office. You can install both – Office (2016) or Office 365 from the online store.

Downloads are stored and linked to your Microsoft user account. You can re-install MS Office on another Windows system by signing in with your Microsoft account.

The Product Key

It is important to get the product key before installing MS Office. Without the product key, the MS Office setup is unable to load recent versions of the software package from

I got a subscription key from Microsoft Store after download the MS Office setup file. That’s my product key, and you can get it in the same way. MS Office is not for free, so you need to pay for the product key.

The MS Office setup product key has 25 characters and contains letters and alphabets separated by hyphens into groups. A product key appears in the following format.


If your MS Office setup product key has expired or need to reissue your Office subscription, log on to

Learn more on getting MS Office product key.

The Installation

With the product key, you can start the setup of MS Office on your Windows computer. Installing the Office suite may take time on your computer. The software is compatible with almost all system configurations, but the installation time varies from computer to computer.

After saving the ms-office.exe file on your computer, go to its saved file path. Here, right-click on the MS Office setup file and click on ‘Run’.

  • The Office setup wizard takes you to Microsoft’s link – com/setup
  • Sign in with the current Microsoft user account


The Installation


  • Click on Next and enter the MS Office setup product key
  • Click on Next to proceed

Now, the Office setup is linked to your Microsoft user account. You go back to the setup wizard and follow the onscreen instructions. Here, you’ll be asked to choose your country/region for registering the location. You can select the file path to save data from MS Office program.

Once the installation ends, click on Finish on the Office setup wizard. The setup also creates a desktop shortcut for MS Office. If you don’t get the shortcut, click on the Start menu and browser to ‘M’ or ‘O’ to find all the MS Office suite applications properly installed on your Windows computer.

How to Setup MS Office on Mac?

MS Office setup is unable to install itself on a Macintosh system. The OS doesn’t identify the developer (Microsoft) and can’t run the Office setup file.

There’s a trick for installing MS Office on Mac –

  1. Follow the same steps shown above
  2. Activate the product key on com/setup and download the Office setup file
  3. You’ll see an error message that reads –

The Microsoft_Office_2016_Installer,pkg can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer

Now, wait for a few seconds and double-click on the .pkg file. The setup file starts running and MS Office gets installed on your Mac. You need to follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation properly.

You can also choose to click on ‘Customize’ to install selective apps from the MS Office 365 suite.

Find out more on how to install MS Office in a Mac PC.

Common Problems: Microsoft Office Setup & Installation

While installing MS Office on your computer, you may face a few issues. To name a few –

  • Office takes more than an hour to install – If you have a dial-up connection, the installation is going to take more time. Get an offline installer and download Office with it.
  • Your Microsoft account gets blocked – Due to the security policy of Office 365 administration; your Microsoft user account could get blocked. It happens usually when you sign in at different locations. Change the language and region settings on your MS Office setup to fix this.
  • System requirement errors – If the operating system is incompatible due to some system requirements, you won’t be able to install Office. Try changing the bit version of your Office setup file or use another operating system to install the MS Office 365 suite.

For fixing more issues on MS Office setup, contact the customer support here.

Let us know if you faced any errors while downloading and installing the MS Office set up on your Windows and Mac computers. We’ll get them fixed in our next post. Share your experience in the comments below.

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