Tired of the default Windows 10 Photo Viewer app? If you want to do more with your photos, you need the best photo viewer app for your Windows 10.

When Microsoft released Windows 7, it quickly became the most popular operating system, thanks to the amazing inbuilt programs. Even with Windows 10, Microsoft has continued offering the best quality in-built programs to allow the users to have better entertainment experience. Windows inbuilt photo viewer is one of such programs.

The default photo viewer application in Windows 10 comes with some essential features like photos alignment, slideshows, and other versatile features. But, like every other app, this default Photos app in Windows 10 has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Some users appreciate the features provided in the Windows 10 Photos app, but many users are disappointed as the app takes a very long time to load.

Now, whether you just don’t like the default Photos app or looking for the best Windows 10 photo viewer application for more features, you have come to the right place.

In this post, we’ve shortlisted 10 best photo viewers for Windows 10. Before starting here’s an important thing you should know.

Note: To use any of these photo viewers, you have to set it as your default Photo viewer app. To do so,

  • Type Default in the search bar
  • Go to the Default App Settings
  • Click on Photos
  • Now, select your desired Photo viewer and set it as your default image viewer

Let’s take a look at the 10 best, feature-rich image viewing application designed for Windows 10.

1. Irfanview


Irfanview is a very popular and free to use image viewing application. The Irfanview application was developed by the creator Mr. Irfan Sklijan in 1996. The application software is pretty light and reasonably easy to use also supports large graphics format base file.

With using only 2MB of space on your Hard disk, Irfanview offers better performance with least resources.

Irfanview also has inbuilt editing tools such as color correct the pictures, insert watermark or text, various effects and also supports OCR to read text on the image and put it to editable text.

Irfanview application supports a variety of formats like GIF, JPEG, JP2, PNG, BMP, TIFF, PGM, TGA, PPM, ICO, PCX, PBM, JPN, ECW, EMF, FSH, PDA, Ogg, text files and raw picture formats from digital cameras.

PROS: Irfanview can open big image files taken from DSLR with fast speed.

CONS: It’s not a very great looking app when it comes to User interface. It keeps opening non-image files while scrolling through the images in the folder

To download Irfanview, click here

2. Windows Photo Viewer

Windows Photo Viewer

Windows Photo Viewer was earlier known as Windows Picture and Fax viewer and then renamed as Windows Photo Viewer. Windows then replaced this application with the default Photo Viewer Photos. It is still available in the files as Microsoft developers do not entirely remove it.

To use this application, you may need to have a particular registry file to make it work.  It supports common file formats such as PNG, BMP, JPEG, TIFF.

PROS: Loads the images at high speed, lightweight UI and minimum features.

CONS: Doesn’t support GIFs, less editing options and reduces the image size while rotating images

3. HoneyView


HoneyView image viewer has a basic format and has very similar features and functions to Windows Photo Viewer. In this application, you can rotate and resize the photos and also edit by linking to either paint or photoshop.

HoneyView supports major file formats like JPG, GIF, BMP, PSD, and PNG

PROS: Has similar features to Windows Photo Viewer and is very easy to use

CONS: There are no inbuilt edit tools

To download HoneyView, click here

4. FastStone


The FastStone image viewer is Windows-based and a free image viewer. It has incredible transition effects on a slideshow and also supports many languages.

The FastStone application offers you multi-monitor configuration which helps with a large number of photos. It directly allows you to attach the files to emails. You can essentially run the software without installing, as it has a compact version which easily copies to a flash drive.

FastStone can support significant graphics formats such as JPEG, BMP, PCX, TIFF, WMF, ICO, TGA and some popular digital camera RAW formats like Canon’s CR2 and Sony’s ARW

PROS: Converts and renames batch of files, easy email options

CONS: Slow scrolling process and thumbnail generation.

To download FastStone, click here

5. Quicklook


Quicklook is a macOS tool by the Apple developers use for a quick preview of files. It has smooth loading features, and you can also use this application on Windows as well. It is a free application. You can preview file content by just pressing the spacebar key or some relatable hotkeys.

It supports Images, videos, and text file formats.

PROS: Has rapid and responsive access

CONS: Can’t manipulate the file automatically and is only available on Windows 10 version

To download Quicklook, click here

6. XnView


Xnview is a robust software and only supports Windows systems. It offers an image viewer with an inbuilt editor and organizer too. It also has a great feature of supporting many languages and 500 image formats. You can rename a batch of files in a single stretch through this software.

It also has additional features like resize, crop, orientation, various effects and can also edit Raster images.

XnView supports image file formats like BMP, GIF, PNG, JPG, TIF, and around 500 image format files

PROS: Allows scripting for basic tasks, supports vast file formats

CONS: Only free for private use

To download XnView, click here

7. Nomacs


The Nomacs application is an Open source image viewer and is free to use. Other than just viewing images, Nomac takes an image and overlays a database of images relating on their histograms. Nomacs synchronizes multiple instances and allows you to compare images easily.

It reads images in the zip archives and MS office documents as well. It also has excellent features such as adjust contrast, brightness, saturation, hue and gamma exposure

Nomacs support all the popular image formats and raw camera formats

PROS: Comparison of multiple images together

CONS: The recent update have made it relatively slow

To download Nomacs, click here

8. ACDSee Ultimate

ACDSee Ultimate

This software is packed with unique talents as it offers many features such as thumbnail view, no loss rotation, crop and resize. It allows you to view images inside a zip folder without extracting the image out. It also allows you to adjust colors, exposure, and contrast of a photo.

ACDSee supports around 61 images and 31 video format files including the raw file formats.

PROS: View images in the Zipped archives

CONS: Available with only 30 days free trial and the paid version is costly at $109

To download ACDSee Ultimate, click here

 9. Ultra Image Viewer


The Ultra image viewer is a Windows-based application that majorly supports all the standard image file formats and also allows opening the .ithmb files which are made by the iOS devices.

It stores backup copies of your photos on your Windows PC when you connect an Apple device through iTunes.

PROS: It is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices

CONS: doesn’t support many languages

To download Ultra image viewer, click here

10. 123 Photo Viewer

123 Photo Viewer

123 Photo viewer has fundamental features and is easy to use with a quick process. It supports PSD, DDS, WEBP and TGA file formats. Has a very efficient thumbnail solution, fast magnificent experience and includes format conversion, renaming and size change features

PROS: Great support for viewing and previewing PSD files.

CONS: Only available for Windows 10 version

To download 123 Photo viewer, click here

That’s it. This is our list of 10 best photo viewers for Windows 10.

If you would like to suggest any edits or updates to this post, please feel free to drop your suggestions using the comments form below.

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