The most official communication that is preferred in the digital age is Mail. After postcards, we have turned up to emails.

For any communication that requires hierarchy,  groupdiscussions, sharing data, confidential matters or business papers or any such thing, mails are the only means for best communication. Some users want complex  features included in mail service, while some need lesser features but an overall complete package that comes with an easier approach. The most important thing that we look for is reliability, safety, easy user interface, proper spam filtering.

Generally, Gmail is considered to be a synonym for mail service. But with a wide community of users involving in Gmail, user accounts are flooded with emails that are not needed. Several other mail services are available in market that can filter out this incoming boost of emails and give you a sorted dashboard to check the important stuff.

ProtonMail is one of them. It is concise and comes with an easy user interface. For me to check whether the encryption done is correct or not, I did a survey on ProtonMail myself and created a ProtonMail review report. Under this, the entire know-how of using this mail service is elaborated in the simplest possible way. Let me brief you with my review so that you can turn up to such alternative mail services instead of getting a flooded inbox with numerous unimportant emails.

What is ProtonMail?

ProtonMail is mainly used for end-to-end email encryption. For users who want easy encryption of emails, here is the solution to all your  problems. It’s an open source portal where you can gain access to precise yet useful features. It’s best known for disposable emails that are used for subscriptions, one time use, signing up for websites, and much more that’s not a long term thing.

My ProtonMail review will give you an overlook on how I converted all of my CMS Centric mails from Gmail to here. Since our laptops and pcs generally work on open source, we ought to be attracted by such a portal that provides us full-end encryption facility.

It has the following benefits

  1. End-to-end encryption: both sender and receiver are obliged with the service of encryption to their respective servers.
  2. Inaccessible user information: This one requires no user information. Thus no personal information is at risk while using this mail service.
  3. Cryptography is Open Sourced: the entire process works according to the algorithm that is checked and updated from time and again. The source is trustworthy and reliable.
  4. Easy interface: the dashboard layout is almost the same as other mail portals. It is comprised of less yet important features that are linked easily.
  5. Migrating with same email address: It supports almost every mail portal that is available in market like Yahoo, HotMail, etc. So, compiling and transferring is made easy without changing the address.
  6. Paid/Free service: this surely depends on your usage. According to memory space that you require, the charge chart is made which is quite reasonable compared to the quality features and encryption they are providing us.

Don’t wait much. Switch over to new yet reliable sources from where same work can be done with a different approach.

Is ProtonMail safe?

Security is the primary need for any online portal that exist. From bank details to all sorts of confidential documents are transferred via emails nowadays. Thus, claiming an open source based website to be more secure than that of the prevailing ones would be a bit dicey. With the Combinator of high-end technology and strict legal protection, one can assure the utmost safety. And ProtonMail being a Switzerland based company gives this assurance by claiming on its website that they happen to give a combination of both technology and safety under their name.

Are you worried about the US Govt. to read your emails? Well no need to worry about that anymore. This portal is under the hands of Swiss international matters; US govt. holds no threat to ProtonMail customers.

Are you haunted by hacker’s threat? Surely this mail service provides you with two-layer authentication like Gmail. But there’s no bar for the physical key to unlock the authentication layers. So good luck with that!

Let’s go through my ProtonMail review to get an overall idea on using it:

  1. The end-to-end encryption provides full encryption to the mail that sender sends to the recipient. This will help the user in not disclosing confidential information. From sender’s server to receiver’s server, there are many server links that sends your mail from one place to another. To keep your message a  secret, you need this encryption segment which is easily provided here.
  2. Encryption of emails: when you draft a mail on your computer or mobile phone, as you click send option, it gets encrypted and will only open on the receiver end. If the receiver isn’t using ProtonMail, then a key to decryption will be provided that helps to open the encrypted mail and after the conversion you can see the actual mail. This key will help you send your reply to the previous mail, if needed.
  3. A perfect place to organise your mail: finding any particular mail or allotting it to a perfect segment takes most of our time in all mail servers. While ProtonMail helps with an easy bifurcation of topics and filtering of spam emails, which saves our time.
  4. Using ProtonMail: Accessing all the mails on your server you will need a complete decryption program. It should be similar to the program used by all the users.

Stop the overflowing inbox and get rid of hundreds of notifications that pop up every day unnecessarily.

Gmail v/S ProtonMail

It’s like comparing grandad’s achievements with a toddler. According to me following possible comparisons can be done between Gmail and ProtonMail:

  1. If you are in threat of US govt. to steal your identity and other personal documents or information then surely turn up to ProtonMail. But if you are free from that, then nothing works better than Gmail. These newcomers give us a few perks but they always come with one or more hidden errors.
  2. Gmail is an established family of billions of happy users. To maintain its reputation, it has the best team of cyber security to provide the best protection for its users.
  3. Gmail is free as the air we breathe and with ProtonMail the user needs to pay after 500 MB of its memory capacity per user.
  4. Gmail offers two-layer authentication for uptight security of its user family along with a physical key to operate its server. ProtonMail recently added this feature as an add-on feature and it is still under development.
  5. If you forget your password it can be recovered by backup email or phone number added by the user in Gmail and entire data can be recovered without any loss. With ProtonMail, if you forget your password, recovery becomes difficult and if you change and log in again, all your previous data would be wiped off leaving nothing but a blank dashboard.
  6. Gmail will give an encryption option for emails. But one has to go to settings and set up the algorithm manually. It is tedious and time-consuming. Often the entire process seems complex and the user ends up leaving it. The same thing in ProtonMail takes quite lesser time because it has in-built encryption feature that will make sure your email is encrypted end-to-end and not a single detail is left for the hackers to pawn upon.
  7. There’s a time constraint feature added to ProtonMail that helps you in keeping tabs on your emails. The ones that are not important can be dissolved and kept under expiration column to delete them after a certain time period to save space.
  8. With Gmail, you may face over flooding inboxes. The same can be avoided by using ProtonMail.
  9. Gmail can easily export your PGP keywhenever yo want. But the same thing ProtonMail cannot do that directly.
  10. Gmail can collect emails from other servers quite easily through IMAP or POP while ProtonMail doesn’t have this feature.

Thus after a complete ProtonMail review and comparing Gmail and ProtonMail, one thing is clear. You should always choose a mail server wisely. ProtonMail is perfect for what it does and that is, encryption of emails.


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