Stremio is a video streaming application. Here you can choose and watch from the list of thousands of films and TV series, you can even watch live ITPL channels and live sports. Stremio has often been labeled as a great successor for Kodi. Since Kodi has been going through a tough time, we know that everyone is looking for an alternative to Kodi.

Let us tell you, Stremio is one of the best alternatives for Kodi, most importantly because stremio brings its add-ons from torrent sites. These add-ons are far from being shut down, as it’s really difficult to shut down torrent sites because of their invisibility from the mainstream web.

Here is the list of best stremio addons. Stremio has both official and unofficial add-ons. The unofficial ones are the community/3rd party add-ons.

1. Netflix




Netflix is one of the best and most prominent addons. It is no news that Netflix is legal, has quality content. Although Netflix requires a steady monthly payment from the users in order to provide this impeccable service. While watching videos from stremio through Netflix, you still need to log on, but here you can have an uninterrupted experience of watching any video of your choice.

2. DTube



DTube is originally meant to be a substitute for youtube. It performs in similar ways, allowing its users to watch and post videos, with added options to comments and like. DTube earns its revenue in the form of cryptocurrency. DTube is now available on stremio as a decentralized platform. Both the sites use each other as a medium of steady growth.

3. Juan Carlos (The Original)


Juan Carlos (The Original)

Juan Carlos is a torrent website. The website is available on stremio as an addon. As we all know that watching/downloading contents from torrent sites are always best in quality and hassle-free. Although, it does require a great deal of effort to find the site and content in the first place. Juan Carlos is one of the best torrent stremio addons, you can use it to find any amount of free content.

4. RARBG Addon

Stremio has a huge selection of add-ons which primarily comes from torrent sites, RARBG is one of the similar addons, it is a torrent website. RARBG is available on stremio in an integrated form. RARBG is extensively regarded as one of the best torrent websites available today. Integrating it as one of the stremio addons is only a small testimony that it has the best add-ons.

5. Popcorn Time


Popcorn Time

Popcorn time is one of the most popular video watching services online. It provides the users with a huge selection of contents (all for free). This easily makes Popcorn Time one of the best stremio addon. Popcorn times, along with quantity provides great quality too.

6. PirateBay


PirateBay is one of the best stremio addons. It is one of the largest torrents websites which has been running for a long time now. PirateBay has survived all the crackdown of copyright ownership from a long time too. This makes PirateBay a great and one of the most reliable addons available on stremio.

7. Zooqle

Zooqle acts as a meta-medium for streaming video contents. It has been added as one of the addons in Stremio very recently since zooqle updated its video content, Stremio deemed it worthy to add in their own application. The website offers a huge selection of films, TV series, and documentaries. Zooqle works as a meta-medium because it itself relies on various torrent websites to stream the contents from.

8. Open Subtitles


Open Subtitles

Open Subtitles is a completely legal and free addon available on stremio. As the name suggests the site is all about subtitles. It provides you online streaming of any content with subtitles, you can choose from a huge selection of content and get subtitles for anything. The website is really useful for the people who love watching films/TV series from other countries and languages but find it hard to get contents with subtitles.

Here’s your one way stop. You can just log into the website and enjoy millions of videos with free and good quality subtitles.



Experts claim that IBERIAN has so far managed to be the best stremio addon available. The website has a great list of films and TV series. It has all its contents available in HD quality, furthermore the website features and streams all the latest videos on demand. Cyber experts have also claimed that as long as you have IBERIAN in your stremio addon, you are free from the requirement of downloading any further ones.

10. WatchHub


WatchHub streams video directly from the providers. Hence, it has a long list and great quality too. The websites include providers like HULU, Amazon, HBO, iTunes and others. WatchHub is one of the best stremio add-ons available because it takes the users directly to the providers. In other words, it’s a hassle-free platform.

11. VODO


VODO is an extremely popular video streaming website, its popularity has only increased ever since it has been affixed in stremio as one of their addons. VODO is known for its unique way of functioning. It provides a platform for the independent films of all kind, mostly you’ll find ‘indie’ films in their collection. The website uses its popularity to provide a discursive space for the young and upcoming generation of creators. It’s a unique approach to online video streaming makes VODO one of the best stremio addons.

12. FilmOn



FilmOn is another official stremio add-on. It is one of the best live ITPL websites, featuring 600 TV channels along with a collection of approximately 45000 films, documentaries and more. It also streams social TV for free.

13. Twitch



Twitch is another stremio add on, which is a great source to watch live ITPL channel, specially sports. You can watch all kinds of sports live here. If you are a sport enthusiast this stremio addon is a great deal compared to your cable connection.

14. YouTube



We all know what YouTube is and how does it work. YouTube is one of the most popular personalized video streaming sites on a global platform. Yes, we get your concern, if you can watch Youtube directly from the app then why bother installing stremio and watch it from the addons, right? It’s because if you watch YouTube stremio addon you can watch any video free from advertisements. We all know how annoying those YouTube advertisements can get sometimes. Here you can say goodbye to it.

15. Mixer



Mixer is one of the lesser known and lesser used stremio addons, it allows the viewers to stream live contents from The added benefit is free streaming and more section of channels that comes with it.

Stremio is one of the best application where you can find anything in the world if you knew the right add-ons. Stremio has a great selection of addons, all of them have unique features and their peculiarities. Familiarizing yourself with these add-ons can help you find the video of your choice within minutes.



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