In the 21st century, all of our work is mainly on laptops or PCs. Our entire business depends on it. So is the need to protect it arises. All the documents and drafts and blueprints, that are important for one’s business or career or any sort of thing is stored on laptops or PCs. To protect these from additional threats we need to have multifunctional threat scanning software.

Superantispyware is one of a kind. The sole function of this software is to detect spyware and get rid of them. Advanced versions are also capable of protecting against malware, trojans, adwares and much more.

There are many software’s already on our computers that cause internal damage. By using anti spyware we can remove such unwanted software and also make sure that they aren’t re-downloaded. You can either run it manually or you can put up an automatic timer.

This will make sure that your computer is checked after a definite interval of time. This ensures that neither internal nor external attacks are made.

Let’s first understand

what is SUPERAntiSpyware?

Until now, you might be clear with the term spyware. It’s a kind of electronic mole that can destroy programs and software on your computer. To control them and later get rid of them, you need to have antispyware software. This software works upon blocking such moles to entire your computer in the first place.

If they are already present, they show you in the notification bar that such threats are imposed from existing software and steps are stated to control them. These steps can be followed manually or automatically at your convenience. Today we will talk about one of the highly rated antispyware software, known as SUPERAntiSpyware. 

Other than a virus, it has the capacity to remove all sorts of threats from your computer. It is supported on all windows computers. It offers several plans in accordance with the size of business you run.

Price is quoted based on your approach. It supports the English language.  From quick scanning to the removal of detected threats, it follows a perfect pattern. Following benefits are noted by using the software on a regular basis:

  1. Microscopic protection: It follows a 360-degree protection protocol. More dreadful threats like malware and trojans cannot be overlooked. Even if an infinitesimal time they get with our computers, they have the power to destroy all your important documents and software. It helps in the removal of such threats with a quick scanning technique.
  2. Flexible scanning approach: There are three types of scanning offered: quick, custom or complete. According to your convenience, you can use whichever option you like. But irrespective of any option you choose, the software will detect the root cause of even a minute problem in your computer. All your legitimate files are secured and any sort of masquerade is avoided.
  3. Run-time threat blocking: Say it be a single computer or a chain of computers linked to one server, there are several detrimental software that is downloaded without anyone noticing them being downloaded. Such software always comes bearing threats and real-time issues. They are stopped and directed to garbage memory as soon as they try to pop up. This helps in cleaning and protecting our computers beforehand.
  4. Repairing tool box: What is the point in cleaning, if all you are left with is an empty dashboard. Few threats can be resolved by just repairing them and not completely deleting them. Superantispyware allows us to resolve the issue without affecting our present data and restore the software in its previous state rather than deleting it.
  5. A team of threat researchers: The sole duty of this team is to dive in the world of web and internet to get hold of new spyware and threats. They come up with its remedies and keep uploading antispyware codes to the software on a run-time basis. Thus, old as well as new threats are prevented before they try to cause a problem.
  6. Monitor the software remotely: when your business is set up at different locations, the IT department is supposed to know the statuses of every work station under deployment. Thus the entire business channel is secured for such threats. The central management is notified through emails of any malfunction is observed in the system.
  7. Head managing console unit: This spyware has a core central unit which deploys the software to every connecting computer in the organization. This unit will receive all sorts of threats and will report to the concerned device that is expecting any sorts of trouble. It scans, detects, eliminates and protects the entire channel of your business.

Features covered under antispyware are:

  • Scanning of software
  1. Quick
  2. Custom
  3. Complete
  4. Scheduled
  • Detecting Spyware in software and eliminating them.
  • Deleting run time threats.
  • Investigation of complete system.
  • Timely quarantine checkup.
  • Blocking all types of pop-ups.
  • Toolbox for repairing concerned software.
  • Scanning of logs.
  • Notifying emails for threats and errors.

This software has protected our computers from the past 15 years. There is no product in the market that will give you so many alternatives for saving your precious documents and software. Before installing the software, you should check a review of SUPERAntiSpyware. 

Generally, the ability of such malware detecting software is done by conducting several AV tests, or AV Comparatives. Since our software is incapable of detecting and destroying viruses. Hence, it’s not available for testing on any such portals.

While scanning all the files on the computer, facts are stated as, 6 out of 20 files are left without scanning. To lessen this figure, our software provides all possible options for scanning and detecting malware. It very well justifies the price of the software. In fact, it’s more worthy than its cost.

Superantispyware reviews suggest that this software isn’t looking for serious malware threats. It focuses on stubborn adware threats that are easy to find but difficult to remove. Also, some low-level threats that destroy your files and documents from within. Thus for additional support and surface layered threat detecting is needed, and then surely this is your one-stop solution.

Let’s conclude our topic by listing the pros and cons of using this software.


  • There are several cleaning and scanning options available. Even in the free update, this feature is covered. At least you will get the notification of malware/adware being detected in your computer.
  • Customized scanning options are available. You can do file wise or folder wise scanning. USB or any other external device’s scanning can also be done by this software before synchronizing it to your computer.
  • You can schedule scanning of a full computer at your own convenience. Though this feature is available only on smart computers of higher versions, it is fun to operate it.


  • The detection of files takes longer time if your hard drive is of huge memory space. It is a problem noticed in every SAS available in the market.
  • A full scan takes hours and hours to compete.
  • Viruses aren’t detected under this software. Thus we cannot use this software independently and except for 100% results.
  • One of its major drawbacks is, it will not scan the files that are of size 4 MB or more. That means, all the files with bigger memory space are gone unnoticed.

This software can be used on a daily basis to make sure your computer is safe. It’s a part of our daily routine before we start working for the day. SAS is easy to understand and much easier to use it daily.

It provides a run time facility that helps us to detect threats while working on anything. It won’t affect your routine, but it will save your files from being corrupted.

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