Whether you want to change your password or set up your port for forwarding the project you’ve been working on. You will want to access your Time Warner router.

The main feature of Time Warner is that plenty of Ethernet-based routers can work with Time Warner networks. However, to use all of these services, you’ll have to log in to Time Warner router.

How to Login to Your Time Warner Router?

There are some particular steps you’ll have to perform to log in to your Time Warner router.

Ensure that you’re connected to your network whether it’s a wired or Wi-Fi connection. Now let’s get started-

1)  Launch your web browser and type

This is your router’s gateway which automatically brings up your login screen

2)  Enter your username and password

Username- admin

Password- password

Time Warner Router Login (Spectrum)


3) Change your password

You might want to change your password for security reasons. Hit the Change Password icon (to the top left corner of the admin page)

Well, we’ve also mentioned the detailed login process as it’s essential to do a proper Time Warner login. Let’s do it-

  1. Plug one end of RJ-45 Ethernet cable in the LAN port which is there on the rear side of your Time Warner modem. Once it’s done, connect the other end to your Internet connection (wired or wireless)
  2. Now, you’ll need to connect the second RJ-45 Ethernet cable port over the LAN1 or Port1 which is labeled on the wireless router. You need to connect it to the network port which is there on the backside of your PC. Switch on your modem, Wi-Fi router, and your PC.

Note- You might have to wait for your PC to boot. Once the booting is done, you’ll automatically receive an IP address from the router.

  1. Get your Time Warner account information. You have to get the IP address which is needed to configure your wireless modem. It is present on the back/side of your router.

Note– For the spectrum router login, you can even refer to your devices user guide

Now you’ll have to enter the router’s IP address in your browser’s address bar and press the Enter key. Now, enter the username and password to use your router. Now, hit the Enter or Login button

  1. Once you’ve logged in, tap on the menu options like the setup, EZ-Install, Auto Setup and more such options present on the router control panel page. Enter the accurate Time Warner details in their respective fields.

You merely need to follow the onscreen instructions in your browser. It’ll help you to configure your account and make a connection between your cable and the wireless router. Now, enter the desired name for your wireless network in the SSID field.

  1. After that, hit the menu option (security/ wireless security) on the network configuration page. Now select the accurate encryption method for your network
  2. Hit the Save changes button and restart your PC to apply the configuration changes you’ve made

Done! Test your router by starting your web browser with the Ethernet connection and try to open a web page. You can use your wireless network and the Time Warner network.

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