You are not alone if your Windows 10 PC is running slow or lagging. There are many reasons why your Windows 10 PC runs slow, the main reason being large file programs.

Even though Windows 10 seems to the most stable operating system by Microsoft, there are many performance issues with the Windows 10 as reported by the users. If you want to optimize the performance of your Windows 10 PC, you can use the third-party tools. These tools can help you with different optimizations and tweaks to improve the speed and performance of your computer.

So which tool should you actually use? Here, in this post, we’ve researched and compiled a list of 5 best free Windows 10 optimization tools. Let’s check.

What is PC Optimization Software?

There are many software tools available to speed up your PC’s performance. You should surely install these free software. Here’s why-

  • Modifies your system to enhance the functionality
  • Uses fewer resources and makes your PC’s features to work efficiently
  • Throws away junk files and corrupt applications

Various optimization tools have different features and services. Go through all the five tools and their features and look for the best for your system.

Five Free Optimization Tools to Speed up Your PC

So, here are the tools that you can use to improve the speed and performance of your Windows 10 computer:

1. PiriformCCleaner


PiriformCCleaner is known as a crap cleaner and is one of the most famous software to clean invalid registries and files. It only supports Microsoft Windows, and some of the main features of CCleaner are-

  • It cleans almost every potential unwanted files and folder that has malware
  • It also cleans temporary internet files where malicious codes are placed
  • Removes unwanted Windows registry entries
  • Deletes browsing history cookies, system cache
  • It can clean the MFT space of a drive or even the whole drive
  • Uninstall or modify the applications that execute on startup

PiriformCCleaner mainly focuses on deleting files, applications and unwanted content from your system or browser.  There’s a paid version of PiriformCCleaner which has all high-end features, but the free version is beneficial enough.

Download PiriformCCleanerhere

2. AshampooWinOptimizer 2018


Ashampoo name itself says that it works like “a shampoo” for your PC. An AshampooWinOptimizer meets all your expectations of a perfect software tool to enhance your Windows 10 PC. Here’s why-

  • It cleans, secures and accelerates your Windows PC
  • You can scan for corrupt files, browser cookies and wrong registries in a single click
  • You can delete all of the scanned malicious content in your PC with one single click
  • You get a proper detailed description of every scanned issue in your PC and reason why you should clean it
  • It has a suite of ‘modules’ to maintain your PC’s hard drives and optimize startup processes

You can perform all these tasks with one single software in one single place.

Download Ashampoo here

3. IoIo System Mechanic

. IoIo System Mechanic

IoIo System mechanic acts as the best mechanic for your Windows 10 system. It is a quick and simple way to delete all the unwanted content from your computer, and you can see the difference instantly.

Some of the main features of IoIo Systematic Mechanic are-

  • Deletes Junk files blocks useless auto-run settings and bloatware
  • Cleans RAM, browser history and cookies
  • It removes even the detailed traces of your browsing history for privacy

Users have liked IoIo System Mechanic as they’ve noticed a sudden boost to their PC’s performance after using this software tool.

Download IoIo System Mechanic here

4. IObit Advanced SystemCare

IObit Advanced SystemCare

IObit Advanced SystemCare has the best utilities in its free version that has an excellent user interface. It includes-

  • Cleanup of your system
  • Memory management ‘
  • Deletes junk files and unwanted programs
  • Has a ‘Single Click Care’ option to scan your computer completely
  • The ‘Optimization’ tool frees up the memory of your computer
  • The startup manager feature manages all the startup programs that mainly lead your PC to function slowly
  • Advanced system care has a registry cleaner with twelve registry errors cleaner categories. You can identify and delete these errors

IObit Advanced SystemCare Optimizer tool is one of our favorite picks from the list. You can also consider buying the paid Pro version if you are facing some major lagging issues in your Windows PC.

The paid version of IObit Advanced SystemCare is $20 for a year. Three PCs can use it at a time. Download the free version of IObit Advanced SystemCare, here.

Download IObit Advanced SystemCare here

5. BleachBit


BleachBit is another excellent free PC booster tool that quickly frees up your disk space from your PC and browser.  It includes Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox, IE and more.  Let’s go through the main features of BleachBit below-

  • Finding out and deleting web cache, cookies, history
  • Deleting unassigned disk space to reduce the use of memory space on your computer
  • Removes unwanted localization software

BleachBit can be called an open source software instead of a free tool. It guards your privacy, clears internet history, removes unwanted files and deletes junk file which you might not know exists in your PC.

Download BleachBit here

You can also try out some other free optimizing tools for your Windows 10 PC like- Sysinternals Suite or Comodo System Utilities.

That’s all! You can try out these software tools by downloading them from the link mentioned below each of their feature lists. Let us know which of these Windows optimizer works the best for you in the comments section below.

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