When you’re streaming live content from around the world, it makes a big difference on which platform you choose. YouTube Gaming, UStream and Twitch are some of the biggest players for live video streaming.

If you search for their competitors, you’ll come across two names – XSplit and Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). These budding platforms are quite popular, and you’ll surely get hooked onto them, for many reasons.

To make things clear for you, we’ve put up an “XSplit vs. OBS” comparison below. You’ll see all the factors that make these platforms stand out from each other.

OBS vs. XSplit: Which is the Best Streaming Software?

Is XSplit better than OBS? Or is it the other way around? You can draw conclusions only when you compare XSplit and OBS on differences and common grounds.

Before we get to what makes one platform better than the other, here are a few things you’ll find common between OBS and XSplit:

  • Screen recording option (you can save the streamed content)
  • Color correction feature included
  • Easy to fall in with social media apps like YouTube and Facebook
  • Used as professional broadcasting tools by creators
  • Room for green screen effect

Both, XSplit and OBS, allow you to create pro-quality video recordings. They are recognized as the best streaming programs for mixing audio and video to create live broadcasts.

Now, let’s get to the points that make XSplit and OBS stand apart from each other.

XSplit or OBS – Which is Better?

You can easily spot the differences between XSplit and OBS. Use these platforms exclusively for a couple of weeks and you’ll know which one suit you better.

If you want to save time, we’ve compared XSplit and OBS on the basis of some factors, which include – price, performance, features, and usability.

Let’s go one by one.

1. Features – OBS is More Loaded

First, we’ll talk about features. If you count them down, there are more features in OBS than in XSplit. In fact, you need a second monitor to access all features that come with OBS.

With an open source platform like OBS, users get premium features for free. However, they don’t reap the benefits of the simulated green screen – an XSplit exclusive.

Adding to that, XSplit allows one-touch access to its tools. It also has the most powerful overlay tool between the two. You can also integrate Skype with XSplit.

2. Usability – XSplit Gamecaster is Easier to Use

OBS has a simple setup and interface, but XSplit is more intuitive. And, in video creation, the latter usability is better.

For beginners, OBS is a good platform to start off and learn on the way. But, no one stays a beginner for long. You may feel like switching to XSplit Broadcaster after getting your hands-on experience with OBS or any other platform.

Out of the two, OBS is much more complex in terms of the initial setup. You’ll need some guidance to manage stream-controlling features on OBS.

On the other side, XSplit has a simpler setup. You can easily use XSplit Gamecaster and allow in-game overlays. Unlike OBS, you don’t need to keep Alt+Tab-ing for switching between stream screens on XSplit.

3. Performance-Wise, OBS Takes the Lead

You can achieve 720p stream quality at 60fps on OBS, though you may notice performance drops. XSplit, on the other hand, can’t achieve this even if you tweak its settings.

For games that are more dependent on GPU (graphics drivers) than CPU, the Open Broadcaster Software is quick as a wink.

4. Pricing – OBS is Free!

If you’re looking for an affordable live streaming platform, XSplit is cheaper than other options. But, OBS is downright free, so can’t really make an argument.

To use XSplit, you need to pay around $3 per month and get an annual subscription for $5/month. OBS is an open source platform, so it comes for free and brings along all its premium features with it.

XSplit vs. OBS – What about Custom Plug-ins?

For any platform, it’s a must to have ample room for plug-ins and customizations. Without a scope for the upgrade, the software restricts your streaming capabilities.

And, XSplit does fall short of it. When it comes to customization, there’s not much you can do with XSplit. In fact, users don’t like the lack of plug-ins on XSplit Gamecaster.

Meanwhile, OBS has tons of options for customizations. You can also organize your plug-ins and get support from third-party sources.

Our Veridct

All things considered, we think you should go for OBS. There’s no doubt that it has more features and is user-friendlier than XSplit.

Now, is XSplit good for pro-gamers? Well, to some extent, yes. If you’re tired of the basic video broadcasting features, XSplit’s Gamecaster plug-ins may satisfy you.

So, make a call – OBS or XSplit. And, let us know in the comments below. Also, give a heads up to us if we missed something so we can update this analogy going forward.

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