What could be more annoying than the largest video sharing site not working?

We all know that YouTube is one of the best video streaming and uploading platforms in the world. It has millions of active subscribers and users.

YouTube is such a vast platform where every minute more than 400 videos are being uploaded.

Undoubtedly, they have superfast servers that offer you fast video loading and uploading service. At times, you might face YouTube is not working error while watching a video.

What is YouTube is Not Working Error?

Whether it’s due to failed servers or issues with your internet connection, YouTube is not working error occurs. In this error, your video starts buffering or your app isn’t loading.

In this post, we’ve listed a few methods for you to fix the “YouTube not Working” error.

Verify the Status of YouTube

Before you get to any of the solutions, we suggest you check if YouTube server itself is down. You can check it by visiting the following two sites-



These sites will inform you about all the issues and from where are they being reported

Alternatively, you can directly go to Google News and type “YouTube Outage” or YouTube down.”

If you get to know that there are some issues with the YouTube itself, you’ll have to be patient until they fix it themselves. However, if there is no issue with YouTube servers, go through the solutions mentioned below to fix the issue. Let’s go-

1. Restart All Your Devices

We all know that sometimes a quick restart can fix many temporary issues. It also helps in cleaning your RAM by clearing some temporary cache. Just make a quick restart to your device and see if works.

2. Check Your Internet Connection

The Internet is a crucial part of browsing YouTube videos. Check if you’re internet is working correctly using the steps mentioned below.

  • Check if you’re wireless router is working correctly and if they have an active internet connection. Restart your router and see if it works
  • If you’re using a broadband connection, check that all the cables are connected properly
  • If you’re using mobile data, make sure that you’re on a high-speed data package like 3G, 4G or so. You can also restart your device to fix any temporary problem

You can also use the troubleshooter (Windows 10) to detect and solve the issue.

3. Clear Cookies and Cache

Cookies and Cache collect all the information about web pages like images, media, texts, etc. However, clearing cache and cookies for most of the users have fixed the issue.

Note– It might also delete all your saved passwords, files and downloaded videos, keep a backup for them.

Clear Cache and Cookies (Google Chrome)

Most of us use Google Chrome; follow the steps mentioned below to clear all your browser cookies and cache.

  • Launch Google Chrome
  • Hit the Menu icon (three vertical dots at the top-right corner)
  • Tap on the History icon

 Clear Cookies and Cache

  • Select Clear browsing data from the list

 Clear Cookies and Cache

  • Hit the ClearData to clear all data, history, cache, and cookies from your browser


 Clear Cookies and Cache


Done! You can now restart your browser, visit YouTube and check if the problem persists.

Clear Cache and Data (For Android)

Follow the steps mentioned below to clear cache and browsing data from your Android device.

  • Go to the Settings app from your home screen
  • Select Apps


Clear Cache and Data (For Android)


  • Search for YouTube and click on it


Clear Cache and Data (For Android)


  • Tap on the storage option


Clear Cache and Data (For Android)


  • Now, hit the Clear Data and Clear Cache buttons


Clear Cache and Data (For Android)


Once it’s done, restart your device. Hopefully, the problem will be solved after clearing temporary files from your device.

4. Check the Date and Time of Your Device

One of the leading causes of this common YouTube error is due to the wrong date and time of your device. It is because Google servers face trouble while synchronizing data with you.

Check Date and Time on Android

1)    Open the Settings app on your device

2)    Select General Management

3)    Now click on Date and Time option


Check the Date and Time of Your Device

4)    Now switch the toggle and turn on the Automatic date and time option


Check the Date and Time of Your Device

Your device will now automatically set the correct time and avoid any clashes with Google servers.

Check Date and Time on Windows

  • Head to the Date and Time section on (on the Taskbar) and right-click on it
  • Now select adjust date/time


Check Date and Time on Windows

  • After that, under the set the time automatically icon, slide the toggle to the right-side to turn on

Check Date and Time on Windows

Your Windows device will now set it’s time automatically.

5. Update the Video Drivers on Your Device ‘

It is evident that your YouTube videos will have issues while playing if you’re video drivers are outdated. Let’s update video drivers on your Windows PC.

1)    Press and hold Windows + X keys

2)    Now select Device Manager from the list


Update the Video Drivers on Your Device ‘

3)    Double-click on Display adaptors option


Update the Video Drivers on Your Device ‘

4)    Now, right-click on your adaptor and hit the Update Driver button

5)    After that, click on the Search automatically for updated software and follow the onscreen instructions

Now, restart your device and open YouTube. If the video is now working correctly, the issue was the outdated video drivers in your device.

6. Update Your YouTube App

When it comes to outdated drivers, an outdated version of YouTube can also send you this error message.

Update the app by opening the Play Store on Your Android devices or the App store on your iOS device.

You’ll see an Update icon if you’re YouTube app isn’t updated. Hit the Update button and restart your device. Launch YouTube and check if it works.

7. Update Your Browser

An Outdated version of your browser can spoil your whole experience. Most of us prefer using Google Chrome. Follow the steps mentioned below to update Google Chrome.

  • Open your browser and tap on the menu icon (three vertical dots to the top-right corner)
  • Now, tap on help > about Google Chrome

Update Your Browser

  • It will now automatically check for updates and installs it

Update Your Browser

Reboot your browser and check if the YouTube error still occurs I your updated browser.

8. Turn on JavaScript

You’ll have to enable Javascript from the content settings option to fix the issue. Let’s do it.

1)    Open your browser and hit the menu icon (three vertical dots)

2)    Now click on Settings

Turn on JavaScript

3)    Now hit the Advanced button (to the bottom)

4)    Choose Content Settings


Turn on JavaScript

5)    Click on the javascript option


Turn on JavaScript

6)    Enable it


 Turn on JavaScript

Once you’ve enabled JavaScript, restart your browser and check if the issue has been solved.

9. Disable Any Extensions

There can be a certain extension that might be interfering with your YouTube. We suggest you disable all the extensions and check if it works.

That’s it! One or all of these solutions will help you fix your YouTube issues easily. If none of the above solutions work for you, try to uninstall and reinstall your web browser. We also suggest you to disable VPN software or service.

Have any issues while performing any steps? Add your queries or comments in the comments section below.

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